Who is Jagath Guru?

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – We have read this incident before but here it is with translation. Irrespective, this is worth reading every day to mar our ego which keeps accumulating over countless janmas.

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Ramesh for the share. Rama Rama.

Who is Jaggath Guru?

This story dates back to the year 1933, when MAHA PERIYAVAA was in Varanasi. Periyavaa was received in the palace of the Kasi King. Many important personalities and learned men (Pundits) were also present. In Pundits’ mind there was an element of jealousy. How can he Periyavaa have the title of JAGGATH GURU.

One of the Pundits thundered, “Who is this Jagaath Guru”?

Periyavaa politely replied: “I am”

The Pundit then remarked sarcastically: “So you are the Jaggath Guru”.

Periyavaa replied: जगतां गुरुः न – When I say I am Jaggath Guru, I Did not mean to say, I am The Guru of this Jaggath.

जगति पद्यमनाः सर्वे मम गुरवः All living beings in this world are my Gurus.

The Pundits were completely taken aback by this simple yet great explanation. Periyavaa did not stop with that.

In that hall where this debate was going on there were some nests built by sparrows. Periyavaa pointed to one of them and asked the Pundits किं इदं? What is this?

The Pundit replied: नीडः Nest

Periyavaa asked: केन निर्मितं? By whom was this built?

The Pundit Replied: चटकैः By the sparrow.

Periyavaa continued: This nest is built by birds which do not have hands or legs.We have hands and legs.Yet we are unable to build a nest like the sparrow.The sparrow has Kriya Shakti (क्रिया शक्ति) But I do not have that Shakthi.

Hence this sparrow is my GURU!!!

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  1. I have read this before. Acharyal’s humbleness is His demonstration of being a Jagathguru. As a Guru, He teaches us how we should be. As the Lord Dakshinamurthy teaches by silence to His disciples seated at his feet, Acharyal teaches by example.

    Humbleness is a virtue that is not easily attained. We all, at some point or the other, are engulfed by ego. Through His Grace, we should rid that ego.

  2. I’m completely flatten……

  3. Mahaperiava is Deivam for me. He is jagath rakshakan . This soul is very grateful to Him for having lived when God lived.

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