Ganapathy drawing by Smt Harini

Smt Harini Krushnan, AZ sent me her maiden attempt in drawing to be posted with all of you. Could anyone believe that this is her maiden attempt? Fantastic drawing, Harini….Totally flawless… She started this after inspired by Smt Sowmya’s drawings!!! Wow – what a great honor for Smt Sowmya!

Harini – Welcome to the elite artist club in the blog. I am sure there are more stalwarts to inspire you and many others to draw, comment, encourage etc.  Keep drawing and we will gladly post all your work.

Aum Gham Ganapathaye Namaha!


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  1. Awesome Hariniji! Keep it up!

    Congrats Sowmi for becoming manaseega Guru ! Keep the good work up!

    Great work Sri Mahesh for encouraging artists in your blog!

  2. Superb drawing Hariniji. Wonderful.
    Could not believe that it is a maiden one. Neat and perfection and it shows that you have skills and potential. Also His Blessings .

    Proud to hear that you are a fan of Smt. Sowmya.

    Keep it up.


    Chandar Somayajilu

  3. Maiden attempt ! Unbelievable !! Really a wonderful work. I am already a fan of Smt. Sowmya, now have become Harini’s fan too. Keep your talents growing. Awaiting many more such works from you. Good beginning with the Blessings of Lord Ganesh.

  4. What to tell about this drawing. As said by many well wishers, this is an excellent piece of work which will draw many a praise none other than Periyava himself. Harrini will be blessed by Him for her expected motherhood. Regards. R VISWANATH, RAJAKILPAKKAM, CHENNAI 73.

  5. Good Art piece. Well made out. Congrats. Janakiraman Nagapattinam

  6. Awesome.!! Looks like as Sowmya’s. Keep it up & keep going on..

  7. Very nicely drawn

  8. I am really touched and honoured seeing this post.. Periyava anugraham.. Thanks Sai Anna for the wonderful opportunities..
    Excellent drawing Hariniji… so much perfection in your maiden attempt.. great work.. keep going !!

  9. Superb drawing!Rajalakshmi

  10. Very happy to see Sowmya being a role model for young women like Harini. Great drawing Harini!! Looks very much like Sowmya’s drawing. As you are all aware Sowmya has been putting in a lot of hard yards churning out drawings week after week apart from audio recordings for Sri Sankara Charitham by Maha Periyava. I’m sure some more will be inspired by that. Rama Rama

  11. super divine MAHA GANAPATHY

  12. Excellent drawing….. periyava anugraham.

  13. Excellent drawing

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