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Rare photo from 1966 – Mahaperiyava visiting Sri Jalakantheswara temple on Feb 20, 1966. Also seen in the photograph Prof Krishnamurthy, Sri Y.S.Ramaswamy and Sri T.R.Rajagopal. (Courtesy IITM Heritage Center)


Thanks to Sri S.Venkatesh for sending me this article. It is very helpful to know the historical and divine significances of the temples and the murthis. It is great to know that both our acharyas and Sringeri acharyas have blessed these temples. We should plan to go to these temples and receive the blessings of Jalakandeswarar and others.

An essay on temples in IIT Madras.

Source: Brief history of temples in IIT-Madras campus | IndiaFacts

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  1. Very much inspired by HH Sr Mahaperiawa visit to IIT, chennai.

    Could you get some inspiration in moving with Mahaperiawa helped I harm on periods assisted by Kumbakonam Sri Rajamani Sastrigal.



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