Take me to Kanchi – I want to have Periyava darshan!




About 3-4 weeks back a Sri Vaishnava devotee & family from southern most point of TX – in a small town by the Mexican border – visited us to have darshan of Chicago Periyava.

After the darshan was over, I handed him Orikkai viboothi prasadam and few photos of Periyava and told him, “Sir, you’re a Sri Vaishnava and not sure if you will accept viboothi prasadam”.

“For us, Periyava is everything…Not just me even my father etc”

Then he narrated a small incident. When his father was very old and not doing well, he called mama and said “I want to see Mahaperiyava. Take me to Kanchipuram”. When they went  Periyava was in Kalavai. So they went to Kalavai.

There were few people and Periyava was sitting near the steps of some tank….He was also pretty old. He was sitting in a padmasanam pose and meditating. Mama and his father were sitting farther from there and getting darshan. Suddenly they saw Periyava fell on the floor – yet the legs were intact in the same pose. Mama and others ran to people who do kainkaryam and they came and lifted Periyava and made Him sit up again. Pretty scary to hear!

After few months of that darshan mama’s father passed away! He had his darshan he wanted and Periyava gave him vaikunda praapthi. Their family apparently go to Kanchipuram to have darshan of Periyava so frequently in those days.

Periyava is beyond all these divisions and so are true devotees of Him!


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