Sri Govinda Deekshithar & Maha Periyava

Our Sathsang volunteer’s Smt. Sunitha Madhavan’s friend Smt. Chandra  gave her an old issue of the Tamil monthly magazine Mangayar Malar published in Oct 1995. It has an interesting article on the Veda Patasala set up by our Maha Periyava’s illustrious ancestor and blessed by Periyava Himself.  Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Smt. Sunitha for the translation below. The original article is also published below in Tamizh.

Sri Govinda Deekshithar

Govindha Dikshithar was  the minister to three successive Nayak Kings of Tanjore. In 1542 AD, he founded Raja Kavya Veda Patasala in Kumbakonam. Mangayar Malar, Oct 1995 has a write up on how this Patasala continues to function with Mahaperiva’s blessing.

Here is the translation of the article:

The writer on entering the Patasala with Smt. Lalitha Sethuraman is spellbound on hearing the Vedic chants and seeing the luminous faces of the youngsters there. Govinda Dikshithar, a doyen in spiritualism and statesmanship during the Nayaks’ regime had carried out countless charitable works with his devoted wife Nagalambal. One among  them is the establishment of this Patasala. What else need to be said other than that into this illustrious lineage was born
Pujya Sri Maha Periyava?

After the era of monarchy, lot of troubles were faced by V.R.Sharma who was in charge of this Patasala. He complained to Maha Periyava. “Is the Mahan’s Patasala in difficulties? Hereafter there will be none. I will give you a protective armor”,
so saying Periva took out the garland from His neck and presented it to him.

The chief priest and instructor, Ramananatha Samavedi says “From that day till now, by God’s grace  assistance is flowing . Children are happy”. The famous Barathanatya exponent Padma Subramaniam donated the proceeds of her Magsaysay award towards distribution of prizes to the students of this Patasala.

Vedham  speaks about the righteous way of living and tells us how to lead our life. Vedham reverberates as Manthram. Since Vedham itself is Manthram, it has its effects only when chanted with perfect diction.It is in this manner that the students here are being well trained.

Should we not care for those children who daily render prayers for the good of the  whole world? An expense  of Rs.500/- is incurred to feed these children. To hold a feast for them requires Rs. 1,000/-. Thus several planned programs have been drawn out. We may help them in many ways. Contributions can be sent to:

Raja Kanya Veda Patasala,
42, Kamakshi Kosiar street,

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