“If you leave India, your Sadhanas will also leave you!” — thus said Pudhu Periyava!


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SriMahaPeriyava-LalithManohar Manohar Mama with Mahaperiyava in 1967, when Periyava had camped at Mama’s Swarajya Press for 4 long months!

One of my daughters was in the family way in the US in the year 2004. So, me and my wife decided to leave Hyderabad and stay with my daughter in the US for a few months to be of help with the new born baby. We both went to US consulate in Madras to receive our travel visas. We got the visas and decided to have darshan of HH Pudhu Periyava and HH Bala Periyava in Kanchipuram.

On reaching Kanchi, Pudhu Periyava exclaimed to me, “What brings you here to Kanchi at this time of the year?”

I told Him that we had come to Madras to get US visas to be with my pregnant daughter in the US.

Pudhu Periyava asked me to give my and my wife’s passports to…

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