Sri Kanchi Guruparampara & Sri Pudhu Periyava Mahimai

Don’t miss this…..Must watch/listen

HH Pudhu Periyava

Found this video online while I was searching for something else…Must be a great coincidence that I found this right around guru poornima day. It seems that a great book on all acharyas was released couple of years back….

Listen to the whole video – it is quite long….I randomly started listening at 1.04 onwards (for 10-15 Mts) when one elderly mama started talking. Unfortunately, I don’t know his name… He seems to be the one of the longest person who have been serving in the chandramouleeswarar puja. What a great speech on Kanchi mata mahimai & particularly Sri Pudhuperiyava mahimai. We all know an unfortunate incident that happened and we all thought that puja did not happen on that one day – January 10, 2005. Here mama clarified that Sri Pudhu Periyava did all tri-kala puja in one shot on that evening starting at 7PM….Don’t miss!

In another speech…

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  1. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara , pudhu periyavaa thunai

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