July Anusham @Chicago


Anushams are happening everywhere and it is expanding rapidly. For each anusham, we are seeing some new faces who are joining the satsangs. July anusham here in Chicago – started off pretty dull as it is a long weekend (Independence Day) and not hoping to have any attendance at all. However, it ended up ok but more importantly a very blissful evening.  Fireworks were going on outside while we were chanting Vedam and doing abhishekam and aradhana for Mahaperiyava. More than the headcount, at times, the sense of satisfaction you derive in such events are rare and divine. Yesterday was one such day.

Vastram was sponsored by Smt Meenakshi Subramanian. Their son got married few days back. Smt Meenakshi was very particular that the vastram is given to Periyava on anusham. Although, the Vilvam mala was sent by a devotee from Atlanta, I never put that on Periyavas’ siras like this before. Sudhan gifted me with 2 beautiful drawings during my recent trip. I did not find an opportunity to place them properly. I kept it in the puja room on the floor. Yesterday, they both found their spots for now….

Local flower (desi) shop acted up in the last minute and my dream of having a nice garland for Periyava went south.. The ladies at home quickly tied a nice garland and also made a beautifulCP - July Anusham (1 of 4)CP - July Anusham (4 of 1) cherry garland for Periyava….

Overall – a very satisfying event!

Thanks to my wonderful friends in Chicago who keep motivating and supporting me on this.

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  1. Aanushamlast Thursday or Friday.
    I too missed felt sorry ?

  2. AnushamOntwodaysandhencetheconfusion trthyagarajan,vela hero



    • A related point. Yesterday being Anusham day, I went to the Periyava temple on Sivaswami Salai near Vivekananda College around 7.45 p,m. But I found the temple gates closed and did not even see the lights inside. It is not the first time I go there around this time.

      Any members of Mylapore can please advise whether the temple timings have changed recently.

      Thanks in advance

  4. Periyava karunai ….. azhago azhagu anna.

  5. parama bhagyam to see these pictures.

    • The place for staunch Mahaperiava devotees like you, is here only. May He Himself guide you back. You may shoulder greater responsibilities here, like this.

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