Vyasa Pournami Mahotsvam invitation from Tiruvellore

Thanks Professor for sending this….Devotees near this place should attend to receive the blessings…

This Vyasa Pourname Mahotsavam is being organized by this Sama Veda Patasalai on an annual basis. Adyapakar (i.e., the Vedhic Guru) Bramhasri Chandramouli Srowthigal and his brother Bramhasri Krishnamurthy Srowthigal are a standing testimony to what can be achieved with Sri Periyavaas’ Divine Blessings:  they are running a Sama Veda Patasalai against all virtually insurmountable challenges, and yet, their Vidyaarthees are achieving extraordinary excellence not only in Same Veda, but also in Braahmanan and increasingly in even more esoteric Shaastras and other advanced topics. Their contribution to reinvigorating and perpetuating this branch of Veda — which used to have 1,000 saakais and which is currently reduced to only three, and that too predominantly only one in the south – is immeasurable.  Our ananthakoti namaskarams to Bramhasri Srowthigals.



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