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  1. மிகவும் அழகாக, கேட்பதற்கு இனிமையாக இருந்தது. பல புதிய விஷயங்களையும் கூறக்கேட்டேன்.

  2. Very timely. Today is celebrated as “Cow Lakshmi Day” in Sri Ramanasramam.


  3. Its great information & good initiative to spread importance of cow.

    However, I am not sure the practical sense of keeping a cow in the house with the current -space constraint, feeds and cleaners.

    The recent experience made me to realise the same, My father passed away in Thanjavur and I wanted to do Gho danam but it was great difficult to find a family to accept to receive the same. Finally a family came with acceptance after I informed all the expenses to keep the Pasu is mine for a year and if needed beyond if the family accepts.

    This is also due to the non availability of green fodders due to insufficient rain fall or water source and no alternative agricultural farms developed.

    Its good to create awareness but think about how to keep cows … not in madam but in house.


  4. Arpudham…

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