Periyava’s Humour – Adwaitha & Dwaitha!

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Karthik for the share. Rama Rama

Maha Periava’s Humour – Adwaitha & Dwaitha!

Once, an overweight lady came for Mahaperiava’s Dharsan. She was not able to do ‘Namaskaaram’ to Periava. With mixed feelings of Bhakthi and Embarrassment, she just stood there with folded hands.

“I am a diabetic. Doctor has told me that I should reduce myweight and for that I should walk for one hour daily. But, I am not able to walk even for ten minutes.” —she complained to Him. Then she continued, “ Periava should tell me an easier way”.

“ All these doctors are same. They will only repeat what is written inmedical books, but will never look from the practical point of view…”

The lady brightened up expecting that Periava was going to tell her an easy way!. Her eyes showed a lot of expectation.

“ If one wants to be healthy without any disease , one requires Bagavaan’s compassion….”

The lady’s heart started beating fast.

“ Is there a temple near your house?”

“Yes Periava! A big Shiva temple.”

“Good! Do six ‘pradhakshina’s daily in the morning and evening. And clean the temple with broomstick for 100 feet daily..”

The lady was very happy and returned home with Prasaadham!

A disciple who was assisting Periava, was struggling to control his laugh!

“ Did I tell her wrongly..?” asked Periava!

“ No Periava! The doctor prescribed ‘ walking’ , and Periava prescribed ‘Pradhakshinam’……”—answered the disciple!

‘Oh! Do you mean that the medicine prescribed by both of us is ‘Adwaitha’ and the names are ‘Dwaitha’ ..?”

That is a sample of Periava’s subtle humour!

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  1. When HE cracks joke, who can control laugh?

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