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  1. It is difficult to change broader public and shouldn’t be our concern either (refer to Periyava’s farewell speech posted elsewhere in this blog by Mahesh). Wealth is not an indicator of ones worth in our eyes (ref to story about Brahmin reciting Gayatri and king in Mahabharata) So wealth as an adjective to describe the person doing acharam adds no value to our conversation. Just my understanding. Please do not take offense.

    Priyava himself has said in occasions that vaideekas should have enough to sustain only and that too not because they are better but because they r carriers of Veda. It can also be decipherd from Dharma shastras, puranas.

    We don’t need a lot sustain since we can all live in lot lot less than what we use now. So poverty is actually a measure of wealth for vaideekas because that means they now have the ability to focus on their duty without compromising too much to modern society.

    • What about wealthy and still stricly following Anushtaanmas by Vaidekas? Or you mean to say that we (Non Vaideeka Brahmins) should force the Vaideekas into the poverty if they are not in already so as to they can extend their Vaideeka service to us with full dedication. If this is your way of thinking, I’m sorry only Maha Swamy should take the responsibility to change your mindset. May be, I did not understood your comments properly.

      I’m Leaving it to Maha Periva. Jaya Jaya Shankara…. Hara Hara Shankara….

  2. I disagree. Vaideekas strength is their anushtanam and acharam that makes their mantras effective. Money is a hindrance to it. Mahabharata says – poverty is strength for Brahmin

    • I differ too to your statement. I know several Brahmins who rich in terms of money but still follow Anushtanams religiously. Poverty may be strength for Brahmins but it should never be a curse to them.

      I repeat my words again….. Brahmins should never fix rate for his service to public. They must remain happy even after they get smaller amount for their service. Public should take responsibility to keep them happy by tendering money generously.

      • “..it should never be a curse”….Well-said Balaji. Our life should be like water on lotus flower….it will never impact the lotus…the water drops will fall on it, stay on it and automatically drops to the ground – the petals do not even feel it. Nochurji uses an analogy “imagine that you put a garland or a very valuable jewel to a cow” – the cow will not even care for it…Once the garland dried out, cow does not ask for another garland…We should be like those cows or lotus – affected/influenced by wealth….I can quote several examples of vaideekas/brahmins who are blessed with wealth and yet satisfy all requirements of a brahmin.


  3. No doubt the vaideekas and sivacharyas have to be generously compensated. At the same time collection of fixed rate like a contract job is not correct.

  4. Very true….. Giving Dakshina generously to Archakas and Vaideekas is must be encouraged, at the same time, a typical Brahmin should never go after money. He should never seek to a fixed rate or demand money for his service to public. Money is less or good, he must feel happy. It is a common public’s responsibility keep them happy by giving enough or generously whether it is material or money.


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