Important: HH Bala Perivaa special meeting with NRIs & their relatives – June 29th in Chennai

HH Balaperiyava Speaking

Thanks Sri Ramesh for this important announcement.

Most of the times when I go meet HH Balaperiyava for darshan, He talks a lot on NRIs, the cultural gap, need to address some important foundational issues we have among this generation (not necessarily NRIs alone) etc. His focus has always been “how to bring this generation, more importantly the next generation  who are growing up in foreign lands? how to bring them back to India” etc…When I sit and listen to Him, I always see a great visionary talking, genuinely concerned about the current society and the need to bring peace and our value back into the system without having any discrimination against a caste or language or anything….How blessed we are to have Him as our acharya to guide us in the right direction!!

Don’t miss this….Pl attend….

Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara!

Dear Devotees,


Our Acharyas are presently camping at Shri  Shankara Matam (near Madley Road Subway, next to Kashi Vishwnatha Swami Koil), Easwaran Koil Street, West Mambalam, Chennai, for the next few days.

HH Pujya Shri Bala Periyava would like to meet all NRI’s and their relatives on June 29th from 4.00 pm – 5.00 pm.  If you’re in Chennai area visiting or if you know friends visiting from U.S.A or other foreign countries, please inform them about this meeting and encourage them to visit Shri Matam camp at above location.  This is a very good opportunity to get Blessings, Anugrahams from Shri Periyavas.

For further details please contact coordinators:

Poorna Sethuraman: Tel# +91 75502 27370/E mail:

Latha Santhanam: Tel# +91 97911 52376

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  1. This meeting is welcome. What is even more important is Shri Bala periava meeting the present day youth who are here and many of the youth here are deviating from our swadharma inspite of parents following the same strictly and showing them the way forward.Boys and girls these days are not convinced with our answers if without any proof for many of their questions.Then where is the mistake? What is going wrong? Some of other burning issues like boys and girls getting married to other religions. Is it that we cannot do anything about it? I think Shri Bala periava urgently need to address these issues and show us the way. I don’t think the issues raised by me are irrelevant here. I humbly request Shri Bala periava to address the youth of today who are here, all these issues on a war footing. Thank you & best regards

  2. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

  3. Please add to your mailing list

    Thanks Narayana

    • I can’t do that, unfortunately. He has to add his email id in the subscribe box on the main page of the blog…He will get an email with instructions on how to follow this blog.

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