Maha Periyava and Architects of Project Manhattan

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – We have seen in Deivathin Kural where Periyava talks in length about the destruction of world caused by nuclear weapons and why our ancestors did not teach science to one and all. This incident pretty much augments that.

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Ganesh for the share. Rama Rama

How Maha Periyava silenced the architects of Project Manhattan

Those were the days when Indians were looked down upon by the west. She had just gained independence. Many of our budding scientists were working abroad and facing the cynicism of the west. One of them was Dr. Iyengar of the Atomic Energy Commission which became BARC. Once he was discussing about Maha Periyava when his senior Allen Cummins came and asked what they were discussing. When iyengar told about Maha Periyava Dr. Cummins ridiculed him asking, if your godman knows everything why India did not make the Atomic Bomb first.

After a few months Iyengar came to India and asked Cummins if he too wished to join him. The man waiting to ridicule Indians agreed. They both came to Chennai and proceeded to Kanchipuram. On the day they landed they were asked by Periyaval to take rest and meet the next day. Cummins felt irritated but something in him made him wait. He had satvic food and realized something around the place. That night he had a peaceful sleep without his regular glass of drink.

Next day they had Darshan and the moment Cummins saw periyaval he was dumbstruck. For here was a person who was personification of simplicity which later turned to be the personification of knowledge and compassion. He came to confront Periyavaal but could not ask anything.

‘Did you see India?’ Periyavaal asked Cummins . He just nodded.

‘You saw what Project Manhattan did to Japan and for the same reason we did not reveal the Anu Shastra . It brings only destruction’. The man was as feeble like a jelly, feeling the ground beneath him slipping. He had met presidents and many powerful men but never felt so feeble as he was feeling now. ‘How the hell did he know? The Periyavaal was smiling like an innocent child.

‘I know why you came to see me and I don’t want your visit to go waste. ‘ Then what Maha Periyava told him made him feel still shameful. He heard the entire concept of relativity and atomic theory explained in such a simple language. ‘India will never use the atomic power to destroy it will be only for constructive purposes.’ Cummins now felt ashamed and futile to work in such atomic project. He sought the Aacharya’s blessings and left. He never worked in the atomic sector again.

He thanked Iyengar and later became one of the chief architects of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty & who spoke in the UNO about it. That is the power of Maha Periyava.

Source: Maha Periyava Darisana Anubhavangal

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  1. Maha Peryiavaa is God and omnipresent that is enough for me to meditate on him and nothing else distracts me to take my focus away.

    This is my humble response .

    I have had the opportunity to have seen, feel and blessed by maha Peryiavaa and I have unshakeable faith that even today I know Maha Peryiavaa is amoungst us we can realise only if we meditate and read his divine voice.

    Maha Peryiavaa Saranam

  2. I also have a suggestion wrt preserving facts about MahaPeriyava’s life and various incidents which i forgot to mention in my previous post :

    At Sri Ramanasramam in Tiruvannamalai , they have an archives building where all evidences pertaining to the Life of Sri Ramana Maharshi is kept safely – such as articles used by him (Kamandalu etc) , originals of various documents written by him and on him , notebooks of devotees who lived with Him and recorded various incidents that happened in His life time , the restored photographs etc . Though this is done mainly for posterity , it is also difficult for someone to cast doubts about devotees’ experiences since many incidents that happened in His life can be easily verified and traced to the source.

    I am not sure if such an initiative is also undertaken by Sri Matam. if not , someone close to the Matam can provide this suggestion. This will be very valuable for future generations of devotees. I am ready to provide whatever help is required in this context if such an initiative is started.

    • Namaskaram Sir,

      I’m not sure if you have visited Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidhya Mandir school in East Tambaram. They have a museum for Periyava there with many rare photos, all Periyava used items, pallaku, rickshaw, the books HH read, published, etc. It is located in a very serene environment between Kamakshi and Siva temples. I have published quite a lot of video clips of this place a while ago. A must visit place for every Periyava devotee, in my opinion. I was also told there are couple of other places like this.

      In, the official website of Sri Matam there are a lot of devotee experiences which is authentic. There are also books like Darisana Anubhavangal 7 volumes, Periyava Mahimai Newsletter from Shri Pradosha Mama gruham which are very authentic. There are other books too (like Maha Periyava Virundhu which I have reaad) written by Shri Ra Ganapathi Anna on devotee experiences with Maha Periyava.

      I’m providing the relevant links below. Hope this helps. Rama Rama

      • Dear Sai ,

        Thank you very much for providing this info. I was not aware of this museum. I will visit this place soon.


  3. The following is my view on this matter:

    While i agree that only authentic incidents should be published in any forum about MahaPeriyava , my humble opinion is that as long as the article will help one understand more about our Dharma or strengthen our faith , it is ok (irrespective of whether we are sure that it can be attributed to Periyava). For instance , several miracles are attributed to MahaPeriyava and published in several forums. Whether they actually happened or not (and i believe that they could have really happened ) , I tend to believe them and it only increases my faith in HIM and gives me hope (and helps my spiritual progress). So from this aspect , i do not bother about whether it really happened etc. if we start doubting, there will be no end to it. As long as the article does not exaggerate , it should be ok. For instance look at the following post:

    I was surprised to read this but It is very much possible that Periyava could have talked like this since he keenly observed various matters and took an interest in some of the worldly aspects as well. In this case the incident can be verified.

    The author of the above WhatsApp message should be asked to cite some of the incidents or articles which he thinks cannot be attributed to MahaPeriyava and for what reasons. Proof is required for both establishing and denying that a particular incident happened. Merely casting doubts will not do. Btw i remember a post in this forum (similar to the WhatsApp message) done by somebody some months back in response to a MahaPeriyava incident posted here. I do not remember that person’s name now and ignored his response. Maybe it is the same person who is sending the WhatsApp message also.

    I think that in this forum the source for the article is always mentioned. And I would like to add that one must have some Faith in such things. It is only through the written works and reminiscences of the devotees that we come to know about many of the incidents associated with the lives of Saints. And indeed these incidents are published only for the sake of future generations of devotees due to the Guru’s Grace. True devotees will never falsify or exaggerate any incidents.

    Today there are also many video recordings of the experiences of old devotees of MahaPeriyava. Through these we can come to know that similar incidents have happened and therefore i feel there is no need for any doubt (and no need to provide any clarification that this forum is a genuine one). I believe that true devotees of MahaPeriyava will always be guided properly.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hará Hará Shankara

  4. Please see the following on this blog 2 years ago and the concerns raised by readers on the same article posted.

    Let us pray Periyava that these concerns are taken care of.

  5. Manhattan project did happen. Please see below:

    The person mentioned may not have been a very senior official in charge though.

  6. Can anybody confirm…. no hits on Google of any “Allen Cummins” in nuclear science…or manhattan project…nor alan cummins

  7. As many members would have also received on their mobile phones, the following message is spreading fast through WhatsApp for the last few days.

    The message talks about how numerous unauthentic episodes about the life of Sri Mahaperiyavaa are being spread nowadays through internet, social media , speeches etc.

    While I do not fully disagree with what they say, I do not agree with their mention about this forum where Sri Mahesh has been taking pains to spread the message of the Great Sage.

    A suitable rejoinder may be considered at least to the extent it refers to this forum


    வர வர காஞ்சி மஹா பெரியவரைப் பற்றி , நடந்த நிகழ்வாக பலரும் எழுதி வரும் சம்பவங்கள் சந்தேகத்துக்குறியவையாக இருக்கின்றன… சாதாரண மனிதர்களின் சாதுர்யமான, ஹாஸ்யம் என்ற பெயரில் அசட்டுத்தனமாக ,… அதாவது நம் போன்றவர்களின் அரட்டை அடிக்கும் கடி ஜோக்கை எல்லாம் மஹா பெரியவர் பேசியதாக, அவர் வாழ்வில் நடந்ததாக அள்ளி விடுகிறார்களோ என்று தோன்றுகிறது.
    குமுதம் இணைப்பில் கடவுளின் குரல் என்ற தலைப்பில் பெரியவர் , காஃபி சாப்பிடுவதையும் சந்தியாவந்தனம் செய்வதையும் ஒப்பிட்டு ஹாய்ஸம் செய்ததாக ஒரு அசட்டுத்தனமான கட்டுரை வந்திருக்கிறது… அதேபோல் Sage of Kanchi என்ற பெயரிலும் நிறைய நம்ப முடியாத, பெரியவர் காலத்தில் நிகழ்ந்ததாக கேள்வியே படாத விஷயங்கள், பாதி உண்மை, பாதி கற்பனை என்று கலந்தடித்து வருவதாகத் தோன்றுகிறது….
    .. எல்லாத்தையும் பொழுது போக்கா, எல்லாத்தையும் வியாபாரமா , எல்லாத்தையும் காசு, பணமா, விளம்பரமா பார்க்காதீங்கப்பா.. பெரியவரையும் ஹிந்து மதத்தையும்.கொச்சைப் படுத்தாதீங்க… புண்ணியமாப் போகும்…


  8. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

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