I will keep the Taalam for you

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – More Mylapore Mahathmiyam 🙂 Small but very sweet incident…..

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri. Raghavan for the share. Rama Rama

I will keep the Taalam for you

When Maha Periyava was camping at the premises of Mylapore Sanskrit College, one morning, He was missing and was later traced to Madurai Mani Iyer’s house near Sri Kapalishwarar temple. Mani Iyer was involved in his usual sadhakam, when some one said that Periyava was entering his house. A stunned Mani Iyer took time to react.

Mahaswami said He had come there to listen to Mani Iyer’s singing to which the latter replied hesitantly that he had not even had his bath. Periyava smilingly said, “You always swim in the sangeetha sagaram, you do not have to have a bath to sing before me!” Moved to tears, Madurai Mani fell at His feet, crying “Parameswara!” Meanwhile, the mridanga vidwan had left after being blessed by Mahaswami.

“Now, start!” said Periyava.

“You saw the mridanga vidwan leaving. The singing won’t be complete without the accompaniment,” pleaded Mani Iyer. Periyava replied, “Don’t worry, I will keep the taalam for you!” and began the taalam with his hands and Mani Iyer sang not just to his heart’s content, but to that of Periyava, too.

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  1. Another source:https://mahaperiyavaa.blog/2014/01/19/devotion-through-music/
    See attached article to this post, on the same blog

  2. What is the veracity of such posts?

  3. Paramabhaghyam to even know that periyava was putting talam for mani iyer. Mani iyer’s punya karma made him to sing infront of prathyaksha paramashivan and also accompany him on talam.Blessed soul.

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