What a special prasadham Periava gave me?

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While I have seen videos of MS Amma singing in front of Mahaperiyava, I have not seen any photo. This is the first one…


Shri Sadhasivam ( of Kalki) and MS amma used to go and have Mahaperiava’s Darsan, on a very regular basis.

But, after their first foreign trip, Sri Sadhasivam could attend only the evening poojas performed by Him.

Once in 1966, when Mahaperiava was camping in Kalahasthi for many monhs, ” foreign–returned” sadhasivam attended the morning pooja there. I had also accompanied him.

After the pooja was completed, He sat down to give ” theerththa prasadham” and I rushed to accept.

Sadhasivam also came and joined me. I gave way for him and followed. But, my mind was confused and a little perturbed.

Knowing Mahaperiava’s strict adherance to Saastra Dharma, I was sure He would not give Prasaadham to him. But at the same time, if I tell him that, will it be proper?

Then again, if he comes to know from Him after going there, will he not be greatly disappointed? I was in a great predicament!
My heart was beating fast!

By that time, Sadhasivam had gone in front of Him and had extended his hand for the Theertha prasaadham!

Mahaperiava, extended His hand and took a tender cocoanut from the cane basket near by, tapped it skillfully on the floor near Him and it opened. He poured the tender cocoanut water in his open palms!

Then He uttered to him,” Look at GOD’s creation! how the the water from the gutter is sucked in by the foot ( meaning,”roots) and taken up to the head and converted into this pure and tasty water! what a marvel in Creation!”

All this happened just naturally without any sort of hesitation! I wondered,’ what a presence of mind for this OLD MAN?

He did not pour tender cocoanut water ,but but the nectar of Kindness!

Sadhasivam’s happiness knew no bounds! He said after coming out, “What a special Prasadham Periava gave me?”

Photo caption: Smt MS Subbalakshmi and her husband Shri TS Sadasivam are doing Pada Pooja to Mahaperiyava.

Photo Credit: Shri Mangalam Chandramouli and Shri Madhurakalidasan Veerabadran / Photo sourced from vandeguruparamparaam.wordpress.com

(This was narrated by Ra.Ganapthy, in his book, “KARUNAIK KADALIL SILA ALAIGAL”)

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