Mahaperiyava drama on June 11th at Valasaravakkam

Got this from a WhatsApp group….

Although I don’t have any insight into the team that is putting together this great show, I am sure this will be well-received by all with the blessings of Mahaperiyava Himself….From the photo, I could see that they have prepared well..Wish them all the bests!

All are welcome…Please attend and support this team for their hardwork…..

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!



Categories: Announcements

2 replies

  1. What a Bhagyam to be present there! I am not blessed by Maha Periva.

  2. Very Nice. They are doing a very good work of spreading Bhakti towards Mahaperiyva. Incidentally the venue is Devi academy school, Parameswaran Arangam!!!

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