Ambal, Narasimhar by Sudhan

Thanks to Sudhan for bringing out fantastic sketches. It is quite unbelievable how much of life he brings into his drawings with the level of perfection in every dot in the picture!

Looks like this ambal was originally drawn on a Kalki magazine cover from 1970s….

Extraordinarily talented!!!

On a similar note, I am eagerly awaiting jayanthi-special drawings from Sri BN mama, Umesh!!!


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  1. All the drawings done by this”Artist” are just xerox copies and shading to hide the gap..

    Nowadays using an App.

    The own piece is his signature, thats all! Shame!

    Somebody please stop him before this “Artist” do more #xeroxes#!!!

    • this is the most absurd thing I’ve heard. The level of perfection might have made you think that way. During the early stages of this blog when I started to see paintings from Umesh, I thought that there is no way to draw like this and he must have traced it etc. Later I realized that these people are incredibly talented. I have been watching his drawings from day 1 – I know how things have improved…IF he has been xeroxing, how would it improve?There is no basis for your accusations….I suggest you stop bad-mouthing an artist.

  2. Fantastic and awesome … great work!!

  3. Absolutely amazing sketches.. Divine power in his hands.

  4. Mahaperiyava and Kamakshi Ambal Kataksham Paripoornamaha ulladhu. Really Thathroopam. Eppadi Varnippadhendrae theriyavillai.
    Mahaperiyava Anugraham.

  5. Well said Shri Mahesh… its extraordinary!!

  6. Beautiful excellent

  7. Fantastic.Rightly said ‘Extraordinary talent’. Blessed.

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