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Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – A great news for all Periyava devotees. Couple of Periyava reminiscences related to this Kshethram along with the contact info has been published below. Please try to attend this event and spread the word around.

This news has been published in the Hindu yesterday. Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri S. Venkatesh for the share. Rama Rama

Brahmapuriswarar Temple will be consecrated on Periyava Jayanti

Sivaasthanam, better known as Thenambakkam — the abode of Brahmapuriswarar, where Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati did penance for many years for human welfare — is getting ready for consecration, on June 8, Periyava’s 124th Jayanti, 10.30-12 noon. The temple, which also has a Veda Pata Sala, wears a new look with shrines spruced up and the front done up with panels. The Gajabrishta vimanam gleams with the fresh coat of paint.

Consecration took place last in 2003. Work here started soon after the Maha Kumbabishekam of the Kamakshi temple in February. The quiet surrounding and the presence of Maha Periyava with which the place throbs makes Sivaasthanam something special. The shrines here are unusual too — Ananda Dakshinamurthi, Swaminatha, Soma Ganapati, and of course Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, whose sudai image adorns a panel outside the meditation hall. Also there are lime sculptures of Sri Vyasa and Sri Adi Sankara. The sthapati is a disciple of the late Ganapati Sthapati, architect of the Orikkai Manimantapam.

The room, where Periyava stayed has been preserved. Close to the well, a niche has been created to house his golden image and mantapam, now at the Darshan Hall, opposite the Kanchi Matam on Salai Street. Adjacent to the well is the rectangular concrete bath tub. Spaces have been created to place the old palanquins. The menas, even after he stopped travelling in them, served as his seat and favorite spot for rest and meditation.

Thenambakkam is also synonymous with the late G. Vaidyanathan or Simpson Vaitha as he was fondly called. A devotee of Periyava, he dedicated himself to his service and was one of the few given access when the sage observed strict penance. It was on his instruction that Vaitha started the Sankara Bhakta Jana Sabha and nurtured the Veda Pata Sala run on its premises. Every nook and cranny had a tale to tell and Vaidyanathan happily recounted them when he escorted this writer two years ago. It is exactly a year since he passed away.

Tank renovated

Pointing to Brahmatirtam, the temple tank, where Periyava did his daily ablutions, Vaidyanathan said, “The tank has to be cleared of weeds and restored.” The task is done and the tank beckons with new steps and a wall around, punctuated with 36 pedestals on which granite images of Nandi will be installed.

Those who served Periyava and continue to take care of the temple and patasala are looking forward to the consecration. “It is the grace of Periyava, which is pushing the work forward,” say the inmates.

Yaga salas are getting ready for both Agama and Vaidika rituals. Huge containers of Ganga water have arrived for the consecration. Thenambakkam already wears a festive look with visitors being greeted warmly and extended invitations for the grand occasion. The sizzling heat that had baked the earth under our feet suddenly gives way to a gentle breeze and drops of rain fall taking everyone by surprise. “Periyava’s blessing,” exults the hosts. “He has made your return journey comfortable. Do come for the Jayanti and consecration,” they chorus.

For details contact S. Sylesh (09380872790 and N. Vignesh (09841611721). Contributions may be sent to Sri Sivasthanam Nithya Pooja Trust (Sivasthanam), Thenambakkam – 631601, Kanchipuram. Or to Indian Bank, Sankara Mutt, Kanchipuram A/C Number: 774698810 IFSC: IDIB000S085.


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