Where to do Shraddham?

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – I believe this experience was posted a few years back but here it is with translation. Periyava explains one of the big downsides of living abroad…. It is an extremely important subject for NRI’s who do Shraddham in foreign land, its consequences, etc.  Can Pithrus come and accept our offerings there? Not only Sri Periyava shreds out the pride of the NRI here but makes us aware of the right path for our Aathma and Pithru Kshemam. Periyava has always talked lowly of brahmins going abroad for many reasons. I’m posting one of the key quotes below from Deivathin Kural on this. Rama Rama

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Ramani for the share. Rama Rama

//நம்முடைய தேசத்தில் மட்டும்தான் வேதத்துக்கு ப்ரயோகம், கர்ம பூமியான இந்த பரத கண்டத்தில் மட்டும்தான் வேத கர்மாக்கள் செய்தால் பலன் உண்டு என்றாலும் அந்தப் பலன் இந்த தேசத்துக்கானது மட்டுமில்லை. ஸகல லோகத்துக்கும் பலனை உத்தேசித்துத்தான் இங்கே நம் தேசத்தில் வைதிக கர்மா செய்வது. ஹ்ருதயத்திலிருந்து ரத்தம் சரீரம் பூராவுக்கும் பாய்கிற மாதிரி இங்கே செய்யும் வைதிக அநுஷ்டானங்கள் லோகம் முழுதற்கும் க்ஷேமங்களைப் பாய்ச்சிவிடும். அதாவது வேதம் இருந்தால்தான் லோகமே நன்றாக இருக்கும்; லோக க்ஷேமமே இங்கே நம்முடைய தேசத்தில் செய்கிற வைதிகமான யஜ்ஞ கர்மானுஷ்டானாதிகளில்தான் இருக்கிறது. அதைப் பற்றிக் கொஞ்சங்கூட ஸந்தேஹப்பட வேண்டாம். அப்படி லோகத்தையே வாழ்விப்பது யஜ்ஞம்; வேள்வி என்பது. அதற்கு இரண்டு அவசியமானவை. ஒன்று யஜ்ஞம் பண்ணுகிற கர்த்தாவான ‘யஜமானன்’. இன்னொன்று யஜ்ஞத்தில் உபயோகமாகிற அதி முக்யமான த்ரவ்யங்களைத் தருகிற கோதான்.//

Experiences of Maha Periyava: Where to do Shraddham?

Once in Sri Kanchi, there were some people standing near Sri Maha Periyava to have darshan and His blessings.

A rich looking man in his early 60s, came there with his family. They were all in very costly dresses and jewels. When his turn came he sat down on the floor opposite to Periyava who had a rope tied around Him as a fence.

Periyava just looked at him.

The rich man started to speak with his Malayalam accent in Tamil, “Periyava! I am in the United States for the last 25 years. I honestly married our Indian girl and came to India only for that purpose. This is my bharyal (wife) and these are my puthrans and puthris (sons and daughters). Though we are in the States, we strictly follow our Indian Brahmin traditions and customs. I perform Sandhya Vandanam daily in the morning and evening. See I don’t even miss any annual Shraddham (pithru karma) of my father and mother. Whatever is required for this purpose I can easily get them from here. I am very particular about it, you know Periyava? Yes! (Ennai petthava nalla paragathi adaiya naan evvalavu venumnalum selavu panna thayar Periyava!) I am ready to spend any amount for my late parents to let them get good position in heaven. This is because of two reasons. Firstly they are my parents who gave me this body. Secondly, I should be the role model for my son, isn’t it? Only then, he will follow all this and do these karmas for me too in future, isn’t it? If we the elders go in the right direction and create a raja paattai (royal path) surely the next generation too will go in that same right direction smoothly and easily. Pithrukkalai vida osandha periya deivam yaaru irukka, Periyava? (Other than the pithrus, which other God is in higher level than them). And, finally, I shall be very happy, at-least if some people learn from me and follow these to show their sense of gratitude to their late parents and pithrus, Periyava! I am right, isn’t it? What do you say, Periyava?

All the people standing nearby including the matam people, were furiously looking at him because of his ill manners and boastful blabbering. So long Periyava was just looking at the floor with His head down.

Now, slowly lifted His head and began to ask him questions “Nee indha shraddhatthukku samanlam ingerundhu varavazhaikka etthanai selavaradhu? (How much does it cost to import the required items to perform a shraddham there?)

Looking around very proudly, he said some amount in dollars and the equivalent Indian rupees, in his manner.

Periyava “Oh! It costs that much? I didn’t think it would cost that much! What about the shraddha manthras and a purohit to conduct it? “

“That’s not a big thing at all Periyava. Nowadays science has advanced so much. And I take advantage of it for such good reasons only. There is one device called tape recorder and cassettes. I recorded all the mantras through my permanent family purohit at my home here. And use it while I perform the shraddha there. Mansirundha margam undunnu solluva, illiya? (They say that if there is will, there is a way, isn’t it?)

Periyava: “Oh! So there is a way like this to perform the shraddha scientifically too!”

“Saraiyaach chonnel Periyava!” (You said correctly Periyava)

Periyava: “To come here and go back to your States, how much does it cost, each time?”

Then, he replied elaborately about the different flight fares and other costly expenses and said finally “But I always come and go back in executive class only. The reason being to avoid some unwanted elements of the lower class passengers who will take advantage and move with us equally and sometimes, it will become dangerous too for people like me”.

Periyava: “Do you visit India every year and when?”

“Oh! That I can’t say, Periyava. Because, both officially and unofficially I visit here. When I visit officially I come alone. But every year unofficially visiting India during the Christmas holidays there and also during the Navarathri season without fail. For Navarathri I come with my whole family, because of 2 reasons. Modhalle, andha Ambal, Lokamatha, ellathaiyum aatti padaikira Akilaanda koti nakai illainna indha lokam edhu? (Firstly, if that supermost power is not there, then how will this world be there?”) Secondly, to create interest in these religious functions and festivals and to understand their value, I bring my children here. Money is not the only criteria in life. These types of good habits must be absorbed by them to become good citizens in future.”

Periyava: “So, you earn plenty there and spend lavishly only to bring up your children properly and to satisfy your pithrus! And, you have a good chance of coming to India both officially and unofficially. From the way you explained here, I can understand that you are meeting particular relatives only to suit your standard, because you want to avoid unnecessary low level people taking advantage by coming near you!

Now the other people’s faces became bright with smiles as they understood where Periyava’s talk was leading to! On the contrary, the rich man’s group began to make curves in their bodies. The main person was simply staring at Periyava to avoid others eyes.

“You can spend any amount to import anything required from here to perform the Pithru Karyams there only to suit your convenience. Who advised you to do all this Pithru Karyams there? How will they be able to take their Pindams offered by you there in that para desa (foreign country)? They can and are allowed to accept the pindams and the monthly theerthams (new moon tharpanams) and Mahalaya tharpanams and shraddhams only in this Bharatha Punnya Bhoomi.

That is all the more reasons we Indians Brahmins are refrained from crossing the sea or going abroad. These pithru karmas are done to get their blessings and for the welfare of our family and the future generation too. Yes! You are right in saying that there is no deivam superior to the pithrus. Each time, when you did the shraddha there, they all came there eagerly and hungrily too to receive the pindams and to bless you all.

On the contrary, they couldn’t do so and had to return back with empty stomachs cursing you all these years. You are able to program well in advance to come to India to celebrate the super-most power during the Navarathri. And, you thought it was a huge waste to visit India to perform the Pithru Karyam alone. Now, all your poor Pithrus are waiting here eagerly and very hungrily to receive your Pindams and Theerthams. Immediately tell your family shastri to perform the Pithru Karmas for all these 25 years in one shraddha at the right place convenient to you and him. The Pithrus will be very happy at this and bless you all.”

The rich man’s ego disappeared and with tears rolling down his cheeks fell at feet of the real Guru/God who was smiling happily and blessing all. The rich man got up and said in a crying tone flapping his cheeks “Maha Periyava, En deivame. En kannaith thirandhuttel. (O! my God. you have opened my eyes.) Thappup pannitten, Maha thappup pannnitten Periyava. (I have done a very big blunder) Ippove poyi Periyava uttharavuppadi itthanai varusha shraddhatthaiyum kandippa seyyaren. (Immediately I will perform the shraddha of all these years balance as per the order of Periyava.) Enga ellaraiyum Periyava periya mansudan mannicchu prasadam tharanunun vendikkiren! Idhukku mela enakku onnum sollath theriyale. “(I request that Periyava should forgive us all with great karuna and give us prasadam. I don’t have anything more to say).

Periyava gave them the prasadam of fruits kalkandu, kumkum, flower and a blouse bit to his wife and said. (Ellarum madatthula aaharam pannittu ambalaiyum darsanam pannittu pogalam. shraddhamlam pannittup oorukkup poradhukku munnadi vandhuttup po) All of you have your meals here in the matamand visit the Kamakshi temple. After finishing the Pithru Karma, before returning back to your country, visit here again and go) ellarum shemama iruppel! (All of you will be very fine) and lifted His palms to them and others too and blessed with His eternal and divine smile! The rich man and his family again did a shaashtaanga namaskaram saying “Adhudhan Periyava venum, adhudhan venum!) That’s what we want Periyava) and slowly went back with bright faces.

The man who was full of ego spoke and about himself in volumes to Periyava, said, “I don’t have anything more to say. You have opened my eyes.”

Who else can advise markedly to such a person without wounding his heart and also realize his great blunder of 25 years to his pithrus? Further how beautifully He had got him the blessings of his Pithrus too to relieve him from the permanent curse too.

Oh! Splendid. Nobody in the world would have tolerated this much of ego and correct him too in such a mild manner and bless him also!!!

This is the foremost lesson we all should learn from our Jagath Guru!

Compiled by Kanchi Paramacharya Fb
Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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  1. Shrim. Viji. What you have narrated is really very sad part on the suffering of your daughter. We the crores of MahaPerivaa devotees will prey for daughter’s quick recovery. Our Prayers will workout with Perivaa omnipresent would give the solution of cure. Your staunch belief on Shradhaa what Maha Perivaa preached still reflects your wordings with great faith on HIM.

  2. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara. We did Shradham for my mother in law first time in foreign land this year and within two months our daughter has been going through illness and now diagnosed with chronic illness requiring life long treatment. I kept asking myself what mistakes have we done in life for our child to suffer this way, not a single day in our life we would have thought of such things occuring to us..but now after reading MahaPeriyava’s message I feel it is is Pithrus disappointment that was created ..In fact we had lot of confusion whether my husband should travel to india or not for the Shradham but never came across this article. Atleast those who read this now please make sure you follow the custom as per Maha Periyavah.. Only those who are suffering can understand how important custom is,, others can only counter argue as they have not seen the pain yet..

    • I am really sorry to hear your plight.
      I pray to Mahaperiyava to Bless your daughter for a speedy recovery.
      I am of the firm opinion that sincere prayers will mitigate all our suffering.
      May Mahaperiyava be with your family during these testing times.

  3. This with reference to Balaji’s comments “Oh.. come on. By saying this do you think you can feel proud of your action sir? What a pity!@.
    No Sir I don’t agree.
    My repeated submission is that we cannot stop this phenomenon of people settling down in foreign lands.
    How best to expose them to ‘Deivathin Kural’ is the issue.
    If you are going to just keep on trumpeting that ‘they are not eligible for performing any Vaideeka Karma as they live in foreign lands’, then it is not going to help the cause,
    Giving a solution ‘Come back to India’ is NOT going to work, for every one have their own priorities and compulsions.
    All these arguments and quotes will only drive away the youngsters from the Sanatana Dharma.
    We have to first expose them to the teaching of Mahaperiyava on ‘Bhakthi’, ‘Prapatti’ and ‘Gnana’.
    These aspects are easier to practice even in foreign lands.
    Probably after tasting this they may veer towards the other ‘Achara’ aspects laid down by the Shastras.
    Even within India,if you live in the North or the East, its as much difficult to practice all these austerities considering the climate and geographical condition.

    Mahaperiyava has not only told about migration to foreign countries but he was against migration of Vaideekas from the Villages.
    But 99% pf the Vaideekas are now in Urban areas.
    What solution do we have for this problem ?
    So if you going to find a Brahmana who lives his life 100% as per the injunctions laid down by the Shastras, I think we can just find a handful.
    If we cannot find 100% adherence, we have no option but to accept something below that.

    We cannot find solution to problems which have crept in almost a century ago.
    Our aim should be retrieve the past glory atleast to a certain extent, within the frame work of ‘Kala-Desa-Varthaman’.
    Living a life as per Vedic Teachings also means leaving a Pure and Devoted Life.
    Mahaperiyavaa has spoken on this on hundreds of occasions.
    So we have to give priority to these teachings first.
    That is the only practical solution available.

    Last but not the least, I live in India and both of my children are also settled in India and they also do not have any idea of going out of the country.
    (This is just to clarify that I am not an NRI-Parent and so I am defending these migrations)
    But still, I am firm in my conviction, that in these days of globalisation, a person can chose to go to foreign country and even live there, provided he lives his/her life with a spiritual bent of mind, as laid down by the Vedas.

    • Dear Sri Sridhar1953 garu, I would like to request you read my comments once again. Nowhere I mentioned nor I made any such demand of ‘come back to India’.

      I repeat the my sentence again here, ‘Please go and do all your Nithyakarmas thereitself but Pithrukarmas must be performed at your mother land only.’ I do agree for better job opportunity, one might leave the country for so many personal reasons, but I reiterate, Pithurkarmas must be performed in this Karma Bhoomi only.

      You can make Tirupati like temple in Alaska to Africa but Tirupati is unique. Kailashnath may be built in Antartica but its sanctity remains only at original. Hence my statement of performing Pithurkarms in this holy land.

      Elder people like you, must redirect the younsters those who miss the bus, rather supporting the other way around, really pains me.

      Kindly forgive me if I made any hurting statement.

      Periva Paadam Sharanam!

      • No Balaji
        I did not intent to mis-quote your words.
        That statement was my reply to the various posts on this subject here.
        Please check the earlier posts.
        The only mistake I did was pressing the reply tab against your post, instead of posting my comment separately.
        Otherwise my submissions were just a continuation of the debate.

  4. Why not visit India on the two Thithsi annually and do shrardhams. NRIs, can celebrate Deepavali and other festivals in the country they, live. Swami Dayananda Saraswathi has given the sankalpam for various geographies, I was told. Mahaperiyava is categorical as far as pithrukariyams are concerned. Only in Bharath.
    I am too small to comment about his words. I have all volumes of Deivathin kural. After all you can’t enjoy both the worlds! Especially brahmins, with lot of explanations and logic justify what they do. Kuzhukkum Aasai;
    Meesaikkum aasai. Still claim superiority of vedic days when it was a different ball game! Apologies for being blunt. Jayaraman . Take the post as personally addressed to my dear friend Sridharji. No offence meant or intended.

  5. Kannan
    Thank you for your elaborate reply.
    Living in India is our choice and it has its benefits.
    But that does not mean we can deride people living abroad.

    The world has shrunk and we have to move on with the times.
    We cannot revert to 1920s when we are approaching 2020s.
    An all these migrations started in the 1970s when the current generation was not even born.
    Whatever, good or bad has happened we cannot set it right immediately.
    We can only try to salvage what ever possible for the next generation.

    So instead of quoting all these Shastras to discourage these youngsters, it would be better to guide them on the right path of Bhakthi and Surrender.
    Once they understand the significance, who knows they may want to return to the land of their birth (which their parents did not do).
    Even if they prefer to stay back in the country of their choice, it does not matter, provided they follow the Spiritual Life to the extent possible.
    Lets leave the result to Mahaperiyavaa.

  6. Dear Mr Sridhar ,

    I do agree with you that lot of good activities are going on abroad and are carried out by our people living in the US/Europe etc. I am not questioning their sincerity. The point we are debating is whether one should go and settle abroad in the first place (i am only talking about the case of devotees here) and the downside of doing that. Also the fact that Vaideeka Karma is being neglected in our own country cannot be used to support the case of those living abroad just because the latter are performing their karmas – we are mixing up two totally different issues here. In my view , a person who has decided to stay in India but does not perform karmas is better than one who goes abroad and does karmas. The former will at least get some opportunities to redeem himself (see below) but the latter is doing activities not sanctioned by the Shastras and there is no expiation for that. To all outward appearances , It might seem the second person is better than the first but Dharma is extremely subtle and a much deeper analysis of these issues are needed to see what is right and wrong – this can be done only by Mahans like MahaPeriyava.

    The basic reasons why somebody would go abroad is for better opportunities / lifestyle , to make more money etc – i.e for purely material reasons (unless the person is like Swami Vivekananda) which is diametrically opposite to the spiritual goal. Also this land of ours has been sanctified for Ages by great Mahatmas who have come from time to time. This is not true of foreign lands. Nowhere else in the World is it proclaimed that you can get Liberation by simply having darshan of the Lord (Chidambaram) or by doing Giripradakshina or even thinking of the kshetram ( Smaranat Arunachalam ). MahaPeriyava has spoken of Karmas that can only be done here and for the need to maintain family ties (which are greatly impaired when one goes abroad). There are many other such greatness to our Desam. My humble opinion is that it is a folly for devotees to let go of such opportunities given by the Lord to us in this birth and to go and settle in a foreign land. The other danger is of course the repercussions that are sure to follow in the next birth (which may not be in Bharath if we do not utilise this opportunity). Think of the benefits that will accrue to themselves and others if such devotees currently settled abroad decide to come back to India. MahaPeriyava also will be very happy.

    Regarding your observation that I have posted this comment on a platform which is created and maintained by people working in USA, i should say i will always be grateful to Sri Mahesh and other members of his team for creating and maintaining this forum. It has enabled me to have MahaPeriyava’s darshan whenever i get online. No doubt they are doing a great service to all devotees of Periyava but i would not use that as a justification to support living abroad :). The reason why devotees in India have not created such a blog is probably because of the opportunities they get to frequently visit Ashrams , Temples/Kshetrams , Saints etc which people living abroad do not get and so no need for an online forum is felt.

    This will be my concluding post on this subject. No offence meant to anyone , just wanted to share my views openly with other devotees.

    Hará Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

  7. With respect to Mr Sridhar’s comment that we have to find more practical ways of following the vedic teaching , I have read somewhere that a similar request was made to MahaPeriyava Himself by some devotees who said that shastras have to be changed by saints like HIM to suit the modern times. Periyava has said He has no authority to do that. I believe this request was also put to the Sringeri Paramaguru (Sri Chandrasekara Bharathi Swamigal ) and they got the same reply.

    Some of the reasons given for migrating to foreign land – lack of opportunities here , globalisation etc are all weak arguments. if a person is REALLY devoted to his GURU and has Mumukshutva , he will be willing and capable of following the GURU’s teachings whatever be the circumstances (due to Guru’s Grace). Even today we can find a few devotees who have sacrificed a lot of worldly comforts/opportunities just to follow Maha Periyavaa’s teachings because they have truly surrendered to HIM. The fact is that most of us go to Periyava just for worldly benefits and are not really keen on following his upadesam. Hence the reason why we go our own way and also justify it. It is only a few rare souls who have renounced all due to GURU bhakthi.

    Btw the argument that Brahmins settled in foreign land also perform their karma sincerely is amusing. This is akin to a person who says that he is taking good care of his parents by having admitted them to an old age home and paying for their monthly expenses ! The basic dharma itself is being violated in these cases. We should also remember that Periyava has said that a Brahmin should be content with basic necessities of life and therefore going abroad for making more money to live in luxury is not justified. The Brahmin’s tapas is his only wealth , so said Periyava.

    Sorry if i sound harsh but this is the reality.

    • Mr. Kannan, I beg to differ with your opinion. one of the great Dharma Shastra expert and the follower of the Sastras ( Mahaperiva respected him for his scholarly wisdom and currently lives in Chennai) ) has said on many public forums emphatically that people staying abroad should perform Pitru karmas sincerely and not abandon it, citing the reason that one is unable to return to India.

      Mahaperiva being a Jagathguru and head of Kanchi mutt, and whatever he says has wide implications and he knows his constraints on such matters and he also did not want to dilute the standards.

    • Thanks Kannan for your elaborate reply.
      I fully agree with you that we (including me and you) have been flouting most of the teachings of Mahaperiyava.
      The question is how much we can redeem ourselves and our youth from this precarious situation.
      I completely disagree with your last statement “Brahmins settled in foreign land also perform their karma sincerely is amusing”
      Please note that Vaideeka Karma’s are being neglected even in our own Bharatha-Varsha,

      I have come across hundreds of youth in these foreign lands who are doing the Vaideeka Karma more sincerely than most of the people residing in India.
      I have seen Maharudrams, Chandi Homams and Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanams being conducted in USA on a regular basis.
      In fact in 2013/2014 they even conducted one Atirudra Homam at Atlanta with great devotion.
      Hundreds of Youth from USA and Europe descended at Badrinath in 2015 to perform Athi Rudra Homam unmindful all the hardships, and I was lucky to participate as volunteer.

      Probably as per the ‘Smriti-Vakyas’ there could be ‘Dosha’ in all this.
      We can say ‘The Shastras do not permit such activities’.
      But their devotion and Shraddha has to be seen to be appreciated.

      I also have seen several Videos in various blogs that wonderful spiritual activities are going on in various parts of the world.
      We can dismiss these activities ‘NOT according to Shastra’ with impunity.
      Or we can appreciate the devotion and sincerity of these aspirants and encourage them a little more.
      Probably they need step-by-step guidance in going on the right path.
      I think that is the only we can bring the youth back to the Vedic Way of Life.
      Yes. There is a lot of transgression of the Smruthi-Vakyas pertaining to Karma-Marga and some of these go against the teachings of Mahaperiyava also.

      My submission is this.
      Deivathin Kural is the Veda for Modern Age.
      Like the Vedas there are several paths or chapters like the Karma, Bhakthi and Gnana in it.
      What we are always discussing is the Karma-Kanda whose set of rules and regulations are strict and are meant for the most orthodox aspirants.
      We will try to follow to the extent possible, depending on the Desa-Kala-Varthamana.

      But what about the Bhakthi and Gnana Marga?
      Mahaperiyava’s exposition on Bhakthi and Gnana is exemplary and at the same time easy to follow.
      I don’t think any other Avatara, in recent times, was able to explain the concept of Devotion and Knowledge as lucidly and with such an authority as much as our Mahaperiyava.
      Read His lectures on Vishnu-Shatpathi, Soundaryalahiri and Kamakshi where he glides us through the path of devotion and surrender,
      Read His expositions of Gnana-Marga where He discuses the Atman and Adwaitha.
      People who are a little more exalted than our present condition can catch hold of the rope thrown by Mahaperiyavaa (Deivathin Kural) and easily reach the Divine.
      These are two easy paths which does not insist on which part of the globe you stay or get the approval of anyone.
      So let us encourage our youth to proceed in these steps little by little.
      Mahaperiyavaa will then take charge of these souls and guide them to greater heights.

      Last but not the least, you have posted this comment on a platform which is created and maintained by people working in USA.
      I think the people working on this portal have done yeomen service to spread Mahaperiyavaa’s teachings and Glory, among the youth in these foreign lands, than anyone in India.
      Even the most orthodox devotees in India have not even though about such a venture till now.
      A real paradox.

      • And just to add one more point.
        I had mentioned about the spiritual activity going on at USA including the Atirudra Homam at Badrinath.
        Most of the activists for these were second generation American-Indians.
        Most of them were in Senior Schools or Colleges.
        That only goes to show if the parents are sincere and devoted, Mahaperiyava will ensure that their Children also follow in their footsteps.

      • There are two margas namely Pravritti and Nivritti.Since Ordinary mortals attach more importance to worldly or Pravritti marga,they try to balance both worldly as well as spiritual activities .once they become clear or get satisfied with enough earnings and wealth,they would try to be more inclined to follow Nivritti marga

  8. Of late anything published as MahaPeiyava said , is getting a market value and hence we do not know what is that he really said and he has not. He himself said that doing “Pithru kariyam” is more imporatnt than anything else for a person and hence do not debate it
    If you are able to come to your native place in India where your parents lived and are able to do Pithru Kariyam, it is good IF NOT, please do it at the place you live with atmost sincerity they will take care of the rest.
    I believe in my PARENTS than any one else They will not let me down, since the order is Matha, Pitha, Guru and Theyvam

  9. After reading the above comments from different people, my heart feels heavy a little not because they debate much on the incident posted here, but how foreign dwellers of today, turning it convenient to their way. The time one started debating what Maha Periva said, it shows the amount of faith one has on HIM. Let Maha Periva change these people’s mind.

    jaya jaya shankara….. hara hara shankara….

    • Sorry Mr. Balaji690, you are missing the point. One needs to understand the context under which something is said rather than blindly accepting something. I have tremendous faith in Mahaperiva and what he says.For various reasons, people have migrated to other countries. Just to follow what Mahaperiva said, one can easily stop doing Karmas in a foreign land or practice the Karmas to the extent possible. Which is a better option is the question?

      On many occasions, Mahaperiva said that when once Brahmins went after jobs & money ( within India itself) Brahmins have lost their relevance. For reasons beyond once control, majority Brahmins left their noble profession of Vaitheekam ( I include myself in this) and went after other professions. It is sad, but that is the reality. Given that reality, what best we can do, one should do.

      • Sri Subbumas: Today you are arguing to defend the situraiton of foreign dwellers on the basis of their need of money or any other reasons, even overcoming the statement of Maha Periva. For that sake giving your lame excuse such as,

        “One needs to understand the context under which something is said rather than blindly accepting something”.

        Fine, today you (I mean like minded people like you) tookover Maha Periva, tomorrow, your next generation will turn Vedas and other Sastras according to their convenience by giving any such feeble reasons to defend the situation. What Periva said is in accordance with what is said in Vedas and other Sastras. One bypasses HIS saying is, as equal as neglecting Sanatana Dharma.

        What saddens me is, why not you people accept that you were slowly deviating? Ok, these things happen in everybody’s life, but what is to be understood is to correct and get back to correct path, instead you all debating, arguing and defending it. Who stopped you from going other countries for the sake of money or any other reasons? Please go and do all your Nithyakarmas thereitself but Pithrukarmas must be performed at your mother land only. Don’t expect any rebate in this, for God sake. One day people just play the Pithrukarma Mantras from DVD player and do it, giving reason that no Pundit was available. Where we are heading?

        In his one of the comments Sri Sridhar1953 defending as
        “Vaideeka Karma’s are being neglected even in our own Bharatha-Varsha”.

        Oh.. come on. By saying this do you think you can feel proud of your action sir? What a pity!

        Conducting Yagnas, Homams and doing Parayanams and Veda Patanams at alien land is fine, they are welcoming change and for Lokakalyanam. Jack fruits taste and benefits Apples will not give, so is the case of Mangoes and Guavas to Kiwi fruits and vice versa.

        Sri Kannan Garu has rightly mentioned the incident of Jagtguru Sri Sri Sri Sringeri Swamy, to whom once it was asked to redifine the Anustanams and Nithyakarms according to modern life of today. I remember it was asked when HE was in Coimbatore. HE was fully disagree with that request and said that Sankara Matams were made for Veda Rakshana, not to modify them.

        I don’t understand who else to come and say to make you people understand?

  10. அவரவர் தம தம அறிவறி அவரவர்விதி வழி அடைய நின்றனரே. Whatever been reached through Vedhas has been condensed to Sanathana Dharma which has been quoted by Mahaguru MahaPerivaa with great effort and his vision, how it should be conducted. Yes, due to globalisation, many of our brethren migrated abroad for their living and contentment to their self, I repeat to their self. But they have not forgotten their tradition and culture, hence, all the religious centres all over the world. They abide to the MahaPerivaas preachings very well than the people who live in India. The status contentment abroad made them take up their followings there. Hence, deep analytics on this topic raise many, debate and arguments. Had it been without any recognition on merits, they would not have migrated for their good opportunities. In fact our varnasrama generation are good leaders all over the globe and contribute to respective countries economy.
    Hence, our MahaPerivaa Bodham is our Vedham. Let us all follow to the extent been advisedMahaPerivaa. The other fact raises many questions of our Brahmins, many other gurus on the Sanathana Dharma have preached their School of thought, and required the various rituals according to their own opinion. I presume this is the situation we are posing many questions !!??

  11. I appreciate your puritan approach but how many living in your neighbourhood will concur with you ?
    Yes the ‘Wrongs’ cannot be made right.
    A Brahmin is NOT supposed to cross the ocean.
    But how do we set right problems created by Brahmins continuously migrating to foreign lands, in search of knowledge and wealth?
    More so what about those Vaideekas who have also migrated, though Mahaperiyava had repeatedly stressed that Brahmins should remain in their respective Villages to perform their Vedic duties.
    How do you set this wrong ?
    I feel, that in one way the migration of the Vaideekas, and several temples coming up in foreign lands, have helped the common Hindu in discharging their religious duties, to an extent.
    The standing example is this ‘VIRTUAL TEMPLE OF MAHAPERIYAVA’ conceived and maintained in USA, which has had more visitors than several temples.

    My humble submission is this.
    It is NOT, repeat NOT, possible to return to the ‘pristine pure’ dictates of the Dharma Shastras, in these day.
    I may sound rude, but that is the truth.
    Leave alone the foreign lands, you will find this situation even in other states of India.
    So we have to find a more practical way to follow the teachings of the Vedas.
    That is what I mentioned in my earlier post.

  12. Well, this is the first time I am coming across this event.
    I have not read this in any of the Periyava’s books til now.
    I have not found any such reference in ‘Deivathin Kural’ also.
    I am also unclear to what extent everyone can follow this dictum scrupulously in these days of globalisation which has made this entire world a global village.
    Yes its Mahaperiyavaa’s dictate (atleast that is what it is given in this article) and we have to follow it.
    Its easier for people like me living in India t follow it, though most of the Brahmins here don’t do it.

    But what about thousands and thousands of Hindus living in the other parts of the world?
    Most of them are devoted to their parents and I have myself seen these children following the Spiritual Life even in the Land of Gold (USA).
    They do the pitru-karma sincerely in the land of their job.
    Probably they may not be following all the orthodox rituals but their belief in the Vedic-teaching is unshakeable.

    My thinking (probably I may be wrong), Mahaperiyavaa could have used these words (if the story is true) just to drive out the ego of the devotee.
    Ofcourse we are not competent enough to interpret Mahaperiyava’s messages.

    As rightly said, it has only added confusion to our already confused minds.

    • Dear Sir,

      The quote I posted at the top of the post is directly from Deivathin Kural. There are similar quotes in other volumes as well. I have also had these clarified from our Periyavas as well. So there is no confusion. Truth tastes bitter, people who crossed overseas have violated a big dharma and that includes me as well. Rama Rama

      //நம்முடைய தேசத்தில் மட்டும்தான் வேதத்துக்கு ப்ரயோகம், கர்ம பூமியான இந்த பரத கண்டத்தில் மட்டும்தான் வேத கர்மாக்கள் செய்தால் பலன் உண்டு என்றாலும் அந்தப் பலன் இந்த தேசத்துக்கானது மட்டுமில்லை. ஸகல லோகத்துக்கும் பலனை உத்தேசித்துத்தான் இங்கே நம் தேசத்தில் வைதிக கர்மா செய்வது. ஹ்ருதயத்திலிருந்து ரத்தம் சரீரம் பூராவுக்கும் பாய்கிற மாதிரி இங்கே செய்யும் வைதிக அநுஷ்டானங்கள் லோகம் முழுதற்கும் க்ஷேமங்களைப் பாய்ச்சிவிடும். அதாவது வேதம் இருந்தால்தான் லோகமே நன்றாக இருக்கும்; லோக க்ஷேமமே இங்கே நம்முடைய தேசத்தில் செய்கிற வைதிகமான யஜ்ஞ கர்மானுஷ்டானாதிகளில்தான் இருக்கிறது. அதைப் பற்றிக் கொஞ்சங்கூட ஸந்தேஹப்பட வேண்டாம். அப்படி லோகத்தையே வாழ்விப்பது யஜ்ஞம்; வேள்வி என்பது. அதற்கு இரண்டு அவசியமானவை. ஒன்று யஜ்ஞம் பண்ணுகிற கர்த்தாவான ‘யஜமானன்’. இன்னொன்று யஜ்ஞத்தில் உபயோகமாகிற அதி முக்யமான த்ரவ்யங்களைத் தருகிற கோதான்.//

      • Srinivasan
        Confusion is not about what Mahaperiyava said.
        But confusion is about its implementation now when more than a million Indians are living abroad.
        I think there are just two alternatives.
        So if we are strictly implement this dictum, then every single Hindu who has faith in the teachings of the Vedas. should repatriate back to this country.
        How practical it would sound, I am doubtful.
        The second and more reasonable option would be that atleast for the annual Shraddhams of their parents, these NRI children could come over to India, once in a year.

      • If one wants to do it the right way, going by what Periyava has said Option 1 is the way to go. Option 2 is softer, though Shraddha karma has been given highest importance, Periyava quote above states very clearly that any Vaidheeka karma should be done in Bharatha Desam (Karma Bhoomi) to have effect. So if a person comes twice a year for his parents Shraddham he still cannot reap any fruits for other Vaidheeka karmas done in para desam.

        Just because millions of people do Vaidheega Karma’s abroad does not make many wrongs right……

    • Well said, Mr. Sridhar. I think to choose the option of doing Karma in a foreign land is better than not doing it at all. To quote you ” My thinking (probably I may be wrong), Mahaperiyavaa could have used these words (if the story is true) just to drive out the ego of the devotee.” there is definitely merit in what you are saying.

  13. Mahaperiva himself has said once that yagyavalka Maharishi lived in the Norther Russia and even had his own Padasalai. Similarly, there could have been other Rishis lived in other parts of the world, like Kapilaranya lived in the US. I am unclear ( absolutely my ignorance) why Mahaperiva made that observation of performing Pitru karyam only in India.

    • Bharatha Desam is the karma Bhoomi. Rishis might have lived elsewhere,but they are Super Human who had transcended the natural laws. They cannot be quoted as examples. I remember even one incident where a traveller abroad bragged to HH that he didnt leave even one Tharpanam when he was abroad to which HH replied that the person not only violated shastras and even made his forefathers do the same

      • I referred to the Rishis as an anchor point only. The Rishi where he dwelled, might have lived many ordinary mortals following Sanathana Dharma. How did they perform their daily Karmas? Was it accepted or not? Another aspect that barred doing Karmas in other far off locations in those days were due to long travelling time and crossing the seas.

        I am only raising a query.

    • Sri Periyava has mentioned in Deivathin Kural that we mere mortals should dare compare ourselves with Rishis who are way beyond us in terms of everything. There are also many subtle things like yuga dharma, how the landscape/ocean has changed over a period of time geographically, etc. All these points have been explained in Deivathin Kural across various chapters. So, with regards to this subject, we should follow the quote that Periyava has said in Deivathin Kural at the top of the post. Rama Rama

      • I referred to the Rishis as an anchor point only. The Rishi where he dwelled, might have lived many ordinary mortals following Sanathana Dharma. How did they perform their daily Karmas? Was it accepted or not? Another aspect that barred doing Karmas in other far off locations in those days were due to long travelling time and crossing the seas.

        I am only raising a query.

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