Govt’s new regulation on cattle sale


Thanks to our central government to impose strict regulation on ban on selling cattle for non-agricultural purposes with more stringent measures to check even after such a sale is made. It is a glorious victory for all non-meeting Hindus, who worship cows. They have imposed tougher guidelines in even transporting cows from point to point, how to setup cattle markets, how to inspect the cows before a sale is made etc, getting written agreement with the buyer that the cows will not be sold within 6 months of the original sale to others, setting up more vigilance in inter-state borders etc. Net-net – making very very difficult to kill a cow.

As sanatana dharma followers, it brings us all an immense happiness and if Mahaperiyava were here in sthula roopa, He would have been so happy to see such a regulation has been passed. However, I have been reading articles on how this will impact a common farmer, who wants to dispose the old cows that can’t do any physical activities because of its age/sickness etc. The financial deficit we will see due to impact to the beef export is huge! I am not even going to spend a minute on people screaming about their “invasion of rights to eat”. As I’ve always been saying that preventing cow-slaughters can’t be done by us alone – we are too small for supporting the volume of cows that would need support. Governments should come forward to encourage setting up ghosalas and give financial subsidies instead of throwing free TV, mixer/grinder etc.

This is a very tricky issue to solve. On one hand we don’t want cow-slaughter purely from cruelty perspective and on the other hand, we don’t want these cattle to be nuisance to public purely because of not being able to take care of them….We have 300 million cattle in population and our revenue from beef export is roughly $4 billion, which is a huge huge revenue to lose. If Modiji’s government had taken a decision, I am sure there is a large plan to address this revenue loss. I do remember that one of the European countries has a nation-wide ban on cow slaughter – other country I know is Russia. We need to learn from these countries and consult our internal experts on how to manage this situation we have on hand….

I only wish that more ghosalas come up so that the farmers continue to sell their aged-cows for a price to them instead of selling them for slaughterhouses. If government could introduce some sort of cow buy-back option to help farmers, it would be great. They could eventually setup their own ghosalas to maintain these cows.

I believe bunch of states including Kerala, which is the capital of cow-slaughters have joined hands together to oppose this bill. Supreme Court might have some surprises to both them and/or Modiji government.

Let us pray Mahaperiyava to help the government to come up with a solution to this problem.


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  1. let us all pray to mahaperiyava for saving all the ghomathas not just from the slaughter houses but also from any cruelty done to the ghomathas.

  2. A very wise and practical analysis.
    Modi, has been planning initiatives for the next 20 years, I presume.
    Many of his government;s initiatives, may not seem to be very appealing now, will have a great impact in the future.
    May Mahaperiyavaa’s Grace ensure the success of Modi’s project, including this one.


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