Adi Sankara Jayanthi Photos from Srinagar, J&K

Thanks to Sri Matam for these photos. Please do not read this like any other news item. We all need to be proud of ourselves that we belong to a Matam, which is the only one Sankara organization that goes out to conduct vidiv events in various corners of India.

Our namaskaram to Kanchi Acharyas!

23 to 30 April 2017

With the Benign Blessings of Their Holinesses Pujyasri Shankaracharya Swamijis of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Shankara Jayanthi Mahotsav was celebrated at Srinagar, Kashmir, and Veda Sammelan was conducted at Shankaracharya Hill, Srinagar, J&K from


23rd to 30th April this year.

Krishna Yajur Veda Samhita Parayana, Rigveda Samhita Havan, Rig and Sama Veda Parayanam, Rig Veda Dasha Grantha Parayana, Chandi Parayan, Visesha Havans and Radha Kalyanam were performed. On Sri Shankara Jayanti Day – Vaishakha Shukla Panchami – 30 April 2017, Abhishekam, Arachana and Parayanam was done at Shankaracharya Hill. Adi Shankara Avatara Ghatta Parayanam was performed. Veda Parayana Purti and Poornahuti took place. It is important to observe that with the benign blessings of Pujyashri Acharyas, Shankara Jayanthi is being celebrated annually at Shankaracharya Hill in Kashmir since 2012, and each year’s programme is uniquely designed with different Veda Shakhas and other stotras being chanted.

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  1. On the auspicious day of Shankarajayanti april 30 people pray for One India Strong India and Peaceful kashmir at shankaracharya hill srinagar

    On the auspicious day of Shankarajayanti , April 30 at Shankaracharya hill Srinagar J&K a program took place. Unlike other religious program this program had a very clear objective. It was for praying for Unity and strength of the nation and for a Peaceful Kashmir.

    India cannot be strong as long as Kashmir is not peaceful. Kashmir can become peaceful again only if the ignorance is removed and knowledge is restored among the youth there. Due to this ignorance, few local youth have either got involved in terrorism directly or indirectly. Due to this, there is violence and loss of human life the state.

    Kashmir was the land of sages and Saints, it got its name from Kashyapa muni. Adi guru Shankaracharya came and meditated here . Famous saint Abhinavgupta was from here. There were many sages who were from here and who came here in search of knowledge. This land of knowledge and spiritualism was very peaceful, but today it is disturbed a lot today due to ignorance.

    Adi guru Shankaracharya had travelled throughout bharat several centuries back and had established 4 mutt in four corners of the country and spread knowledge and wisdom throughout. on the day of Adi guru Shankaracharya jayanti the greatest way to remember and follow his teachings was by praying for a Strong India and a peaceful Kashmir.

    The belief in Sanathana dharma is, whenever there is disturbance in the society god send a divine person to clear the ignorance and restore the social order. It is the prayers of several people which materialises into an avatar. By the prayers of several people at Shankaracharya hill an avatar may come to Kashmir or some person may get enlightened and may lead all the other people to the right path of peace .

    Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswati ji Maharaj from Sunderbani Ashram in Rajouri district J&K came to Shankaracharya hill and offered his prayers along with several saints from across the country and along with his disciples. Kanchi Mutt carried out Vedic chants.

    Saha sara karyavah Shri Suresh Soniji, Akhil Bharatiya Sah Sampark Pramukh Shri Arun Kumar ji and Shri Jaidev ji from Sewa bharati Jammu visited the temple and offered their prayers for the nation.

    National TV channel DD news and famous Urdu news channel ETV Urdu covered the program. These channels gave coverage not just because it was any other religious event but because this program had a noble national objective.

    A Langar/ Bhandar(food distribution) was arranged for all yatris who visited the temple. Around 2000 people visited the temple. The number had come down this year due to disturbed situation in Srinagar. Kashmiri hindus from distant parts of the nation and Hindus staying in different parts of J&K also came to the program as it gave them an opportunity to cherish their past memories of a vibrant festive Kashmir.

    Several Volunteers with the mission of One India Strong India worked hard to make the program succeed for past 6 months. Shri Vidhu Sharma from Udhampur and Shri Bellur Laxminarayana from Bangalore were the two main organisers. Several local volunteers from Srinagar assisted in the program. Security forces who are located in Shankaracharya hill helped a lot in the langar .

    The Shankaracharya hill temple was built in 371 BC by king Gopaditya, founder of Gopkar dynasty. It is maintained by the Jammu and Kashmir Dharmarth Trust , the Chairman trustee is Shri Karan Singh ji . The temple is located at a height of 6095 feet above the sea level, It is a protected monument by Archaeological survey of India.

    In continuation to the morning program satsang was held evening at Shree sanatana dharam Pratap Sabha at
    Lal chowk Srinagar. During Satsang Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswati ji Maharaj and various sages enlightened the public who were present there. All four vedas chanting was done by Kanchi muttt team present at the venue. Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswati ji Maharaj told that soon the problems in Kashmir will be solved with divine intervention. The divine vibrations of such program will soon bring peace at lal chowk which sometimes is in news for stone pelting incidents.

    Copy and paste this link in the browser to open the photos in google drive

    Picture 1- Shankaracharya hill Srinagar Temple
    Picture 2: Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Entering temple
    Picture 3 Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswatiji Maharaj speaking to media regarding Bharat
    Picture 4 Mahamandaleshwar Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswatiji Maharaj performing Abhisheka
    Picture 5 Yatris
    Picture 6 One India Strong India (Ek Bharat Samrtha Bharth) team with Saha sara karyavah Suresh Soniji, Akhil Bharatiya Sah Sampark Pramukh Arun Kumar ji , and Shri Jaidev ji from Sewa bharati Jammu visited the temple and offered their prayers for the nation.
    Picture 7 Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswatiji Maharaj coming out from shankaracharya hill
    Picture 8 Volunteers shouting Bharat mata ki jai
    Picture 9 Satsang at Lal chowk Shree sanatana dharam Pratap Sabha
    Picture 10 Ved patan by kanchi team at Lal chowk Shree sanatana dharam Pratap Sabha
    Picture 11 Langar

    Video Links
    DD news 1

    DD news 2

    ETV news

    One India Strong India volunteers – Bharat mata ki Jai at shankaracharya hill Srinagar April 30 shankarajayanti

    Langar preparation at Shankaracharya hill Srinagar

    Swami Vishwatamanand Sarswati enter Shankaracharya hill at Srinagar on April 30 Shankarajayanti,

    Swamiji perform abhisheka at Shankarcarya hill mandir

    Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj coming back to Srinagar after celebrating Shri Shankracharya Jayanti at Shri Shankracharya Temple, Srinagar.

    Shri Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswati Ji Holding a Satsang event at Lal Chowk, Srinagar Despite a shutdown call. The event was a part of Shri Shankracharya Jayanti held at Shri Shankracharya Temple earlier that day. The program was a huge success.

    veda chanting by kanchi mutt team at lal chowk, Srinagar on shankarajayanti April 30. Swami Vishwatmanand Saraswati ji Maharaj also present. The vedic chants at lal chowk will soon bring peace in kashmir. With divine intervention the land of sages and saints will return to its past glory.

  2. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. Pahi Pahi sri Maha prabho/ Janakiraman Nagapattinam



  4. Super. Nice to hear th


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