Unforgettable Experience

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Ramanathan for the share. Rama Rama

Experiences with Sri Maha Periyava 

(Shared by Sri Sastry, Member of Kanchi Periva Forum)

“In 1987, I was in a confused stage with no job. I was already married and was hailing from a middle class family.

At that stage my friend invited me to Kanchipuram along with him to submit their family’s traditional Bhiksha in the Shravana Maasa. For a change and having been forced by luck I accepted his invitation and went along with him.

At Kanchi, because of my fault it became a bit late to reach the Shri Matam. When I reached the Shri Matam, it was filled with devotees and there was no place for to me to even enter into that Pooja hall. I just stood near the door. Chinna Swamy (Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal) was performing Pooja at that time.

An announcement came indicating the arrival of Pedda Swamy (Sri Maha Periva). Everybody stood honoring the Swamy. The Pedda Swamy entered , blessed everyone there and signed to sit down. Everybody got their place except me. I was still standing near the door. The Pedda Swamy looked at me separately and blessed me by raising his hands.

All the devotees suddenly saw me and gave me some place to sit adjusting themselves. Later because of my friend I bowed in front of the Pedda Swamy in his ashram (hut). He recognized me and blessed me again.

With a Divine feeling and utmost happiness I came back to my native place. Because of the Divine blessings of Pedda Swamy, two surprises were waiting for me. One was my job confirmation – yes, I got a job confirmation from Indian Railways in which I am working till now (really settled my life) and the other one was the sweet news of my wife being pregnant.

Soon, we were blessed with a son and we were so happy and thankful to Pedda Swamy – imagine my luck to have received such Divine individual sight of Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Peddaswamy at me.

Me & my family forever like to be the slaves of His Divine feet. Sri Periva Saranam….”

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  1. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

  2. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara


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