Samashti Upanayanam in Pune – June 11th

Thanks to Sri Saraswathi Thyagarajan Mami for the share. Pl share this with others too.

Kainkaryams like these would please our acharyas the most! Hats off to this team for doing this….

Periyava Padham Sharanam!

samashti upanayanam pune.jpeg

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  1. WHY IS there a restriction on age of the boy ? Persons above 15 years are not permitted ? why ? There is no logic to this criteria

    • The ceremony was typically performed at age eight among the Brahmins, at age 11 among the Kshatriyas, and age 12 among Vaishyas.[3][18] Apastamba Gryha Sutra, in verse, places a maximum age limit of 24 for the Upanayana ceremony and start of formal education. However, Gautama Gryha Sutra and other ancient texts state that there is no age restriction and anyone of any age can undertake Upanayanam when they feel they initiate their formal studies of the Vedas.[19]

  2. The invitation for Samashti Upanayanam does not mention the city whether it is Chennai or Bangalore or some other place.

  3. Greetings ! All along the e mails received were fine. Past few days e mails are received in the spam folder.This has been creating problems – unable to open the link. Hope this can be set right so that mails are received in the inbox as before Thanks in advance as also for the good work being done with regard to the site.

    A not so computer savvy subscriber

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