Lord Siva’s Gracious Glance

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri. Sriram for the share. Rama Rama

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Lord Siva’s Gracious Glance

A middle-aged Sivacharya left his village and went to a town, in spite of his father advising him against it to officiate as a priest in a temple that had been built recently. The new temple in the town gave him excellent remuneration for his priestly duties. This raised his standard of living but also unfortunately his egotism. As a consequence, the trustee of the temple known for violent ways of coping with problems, took back the keys of the temple from him and gave it to another priest. When the Sivacharya lost his job, he came to Sri Maha Periyava, his face clouded with sorrow.

“What is your problem?” Periyava asked the gentleman.

“I have lost my job. It is difficult even to manage one square meal a day.”

“What is your father doing?”

“He lives in the village. He serves at the Siva temple.”

“What is significant about your village?”

The Sivacharya did not know the answer and stood staring quietly.

Periyava answered the question himself. “The temple in your village has been praised in the songs by the Saivaite Nayanmars. The temple has been built according to the Agama Sastra. In the north-eastern part of the temple there was a huge tree. Is it still there?”

The Sivacharya was not very sure but all the same said, “Yes.”

“The Lord Parameswara in your village is very fond of you. He does not wish that you go to serve in small temples and struggle. Go back to your village and assist your father.”

The Sivacharya returned to his village and resumed service in the Siva temple there just as Periyava had instructed. A surprise lay in store there for him! The very next month the village got together and appointed a committee to renovate the temple. The Kumbhabhishekham took place the next year. Since the temple in the village was celebrated in the hymns sung by the Nayanmars, crowds of devotees gathered there. Two years later the Sivacharya came and fell full length in prostration in front of Sri Maha Periyava.

“Ask him in which temple he officiates,” said Periyava innocently to an attendant nearby, as though He knew nothing whatsoever. It was then that the Sivacharya gave all the history I have narrated so far.

“How are you now?”

The Sivacharya’s eyes filled with tears.

“Periyava’s gracious glance has fallen upon me. I am comfortably…..very comfortably placed.”

“Say that Siva’s gracious glance fell upon you. What have I done?”

Sri Maha Periyava was always very skilled in hiding Himself.

Narrated by Sri Matam Balu Mama
Source: Maha Periyaval Darisana Anubhavangal
Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara

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  1. Fantastic!
    Keep going Sowmya!!

  2. Picture of Maha Sivaa Maha Maha Siva MahaPerivaa are crisp and attracts to see many more times for our inner prayers. Gifted by birth , the Blessed one show” yes, this is for your prayer drawn by me Through him”. Continue your mission Shrim G sowmya

  3. Ms Sowmya – Excellent drawing. So much of lakshanam both Shiva and our Periva. Even nandhi and the serpant is too good.

  4. Many miracles, we may call that Blessed incidents have happened to millions of devotees due to our fortunate birth in the 20th Century graced by MahaPerivaa., being the incarnation of Adhi Shankaraa, who is Lord Parameswara. Those who are not even neared him, been too blessed and saved them.. The Guru continue to be with us all,let all the devotees imapart His worship and and transform to the next generation.

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