Invitation to Periyava 124th Jayanthi at Perth, Australia


Jaya Jaya Shankara| Hara Hara Shankara ||
ApAra KarunA Sindhum Gnanatham Shantha Roopinam |
Sri Chandrashekara Gurum Pranamaami Mudhaanvaham ||


Kanchi Mahaswami, Sri Sri Sri MahaperiyavA’s 124th Jayanthi will be celebrated in Perth (Australia) on Thursday, 08th June 2017 at Sri. Suresh and Smt. Manjula’s residence (29 Lauderdale Drive, Success). Please find attached the invitation for the Jayanthi celebrations. This year’s Jayanthi being falling on a perfect Guru Vaaram, those who can’t take leave for half day are requested to attend at least the morning Homa for Sri PeriyavA with the sole purpose of Loka Kshemam, bringing prosperity for everyone and more importantly, pray to Sri PeriyavA for spiritual elevation in this year.

Kindly RSVP for the event by 02nd June for catering purposes. Namaste!

PS: You may want to RSVP at the Facebook event page:

|| Hara Hara Shankara Jaya Jaya Shankara ||

कुण्डलि कुमारी  कुटिले चण्डि चराचरसवित्रि  चामुण्डे  |
गुणिनि गुहारिणि गुह्ये गुरुमूर्ते त्वां नमामि कामाक्षि ||

Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyavA's 124th Jayanthi_Perth 2017 - 1Sri Sri Sri MahaPeriyavA's 124th Jayanthi_Perth 2017 - 2

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  1. Though HE never crossed the sea as sanyasee , HE could see the entire globe as HE walks once invited; HE will bless all.

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