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Dear readers,

As you all know only in this blog, we post various kinds of invitations for events like Jayanthi, kumbabishekam, aradhana, pravachanam etc that are happening across the world. .Several readers like you send me these articles to be posted. We love to do that too…While we have absolutely no problem in posting, we do see that we need to set some expectations while sending these contents to me.

As a blogger, I follow these basic rules while posting – I will not compromise on these::

(1) I never delete a post after it is published – come what may! Rarely, I have done that in the past.

(2) I don’t modify the (fundamental) contents of a post that was published. I might fix some grammatical/spelling mistakes but I don’t change the fundamental contents.

(3) I would expect the appropriate content owner to follow the comments and reply as needed.

Of late, we are noticing that people send contents that are NOT verified / proof-read the contents, send few lines in WhatsApp and expect me to post them. When an article is posted about a Jayanthi event that are related to you, they do not answer to the question that are asked by other readers – they expect me to do that too. These are not acceptable.

Please understand that we have a full time job to do and other personal commitments like you do. We want you all to be part of quality blogging. Establishing these guidelines would make the content look good/accurate and easier for all of the readers to  understand and make my job easier.

  1. All contents should be sent to me/Sai only via email – / No WhatsApp, No Facebook contents will be accepted. It is becoming too difficult to find that image in the ocean of messages/images after few days. I am considering a dedicated common email for this purpose in the future….
  2. While sending articles, invitations etc, please ensure that the contents are accurate – the date, event timings etc
  3. AVOID pdf files – try to send them as image files .jpg etc. WordPress does not allow pdf embeds. I had to upload them in and give the link etc – too many steps….Image files are easier to post with better readability.
  4. Phone camera photos are mostly ok but I prefer documents that are properly scanned for better readability.
  5. Please try to send us an English translation along with unless you have no proficiency in English. In those cases, we will try to do translation at our convenience.
  6. Please do NOT send the invitation 1-2 days before the actual events. At the same time, please do NOT send the invitation 2 months before too. Please send it to us 15 days before. In this blog, the articles move down quickly as new articles are posted on a daily basis….So posting an invitations way ahead of time will be forgotten too quickly. 15 days prior to the event (in my opinion) is perfect.
  7. If you are a content owner for your own audio/video etc, please have a youtube channel or mix cloud channel etc and share the link – it becomes lot easier to post here. Also, if you plan to give pravachanam of bagavatham or nayanmars puranam (as an example), I am more than happy to give an intro about your initiative but I will not do posting of all your episodes.  Due to my travel and not able to remember to post something in sequence on a weekly manner etc, it gets too complicated. Instead, I suggest those content owners to have their own web site/blog so that these contents will be available for public without having to depend on this blog. Think of this blog as a bulletin board for announcements – that is the best analogy I could give.
  8. Monthly Jayanthi/pradosham events, ekadasi reminders – Pl see if this needs to be posted on an ongoing basis. Once your satsang is known to everyone (for instance, Mylapore Anusham group), then there is no need to post this monthly….It is the responsibility of the readers to know when anusham is and join the nearest satsang…. This is the only way someone would start to look into calendar on a regular basis and not to rely on the blog or Sai to send reminders 🙂 This is my suggestion – pl think and comment on what your thoughts are.
  9. I get lots of emails asking me for a specific stotram or an incident that I posted long back. Just so you all know, I go to the blog, put whatever I want to search in the search bar on the right top of the home page and change the key words till I find it. If you do not know where to find the search bar, let me know. You can do the same thing – please do not write to me to find things for you. That is not fair. Also just so you know, I search for articles/stotrams both in English and Tamil font not knowing how I posted long back…..You could do the same to improve the search results.
  10. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT email me asking for English version of Dheivathin Kural pdf. I get roughly 15 emails a month just on this. In fact I have a post dedicated to this asking NOT to ask me for this and people ask for this on the same post in the comments section!!!!!!!! There is no PDF version for English Dheivathin Kural as it is fully copyrighted. In fact when I was in India this time, I came to know the even hard copy books are out of print with no ETA. By default, any query that comes to me on this goes to trash as I am too tired of explaining this.
  11. Last but not the least, at times, we choose not to post an article due to various reasons – mostly to avoid any controversies. In those cases, please do not get upset. Once a war of words happen, it is getting very hard to stop that. I don’t have the time. Many times, someone calls me to let me know that a huge fight is going on!!!

I am sure these are not unfair expectations. These are needed to bring necessary accountability / ownership for your own contents and also to improve readability for others. I am sure these guidelines will be taken in the right sense…..


Mahesh & Sai

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  1. Mr. Mahesh & Sai

    Hope you don’t mistake me for posting these dates

    Ekadasi dates for 2017

    08 January (Sunday) Pausha Putrada Ekadashi – Vaikunda Ekadashi
    09 January (Monday) Gauna Pausha Putrada Ekadashi (Vaishnava Pausha Putrada Ekadashi)
    23 January (Monday) Shattila Ekadashi
    07 February (Tuesday) Jaya Ekadashi
    22 February (Wednesday) Vijaya Ekadashi
    08 March (Wednesday) Amalaki Ekadashi
    24 March (Friday) Papmochani Ekadashi
    07 April (Friday) Kamada Ekadashi
    22 April (Saturday) Varuthini Ekadashi
    23 April (Sunday) Vaishnava Varuthini Ekadashi
    06 May (Saturday) Mohini Ekadashi
    22 May (Monday) Apara Ekadashi
    05 June (Monday) Nirjala Ekadashi
    20 June (Tuesday) Yogini Ekadashi
    04 July (Tuesday) Devshayani Ekadashi
    19 July (Wednesday) Kamika Ekadashi
    20 July (Thursday) Gauna Kamika Ekadashi (Vaishnava Kamika Ekadashi
    03 August (Thursday) Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
    18 August (Friday) Aja Ekadashi
    02 Sept (Saturday) Parsva Ekadashi
    16 Sept (Saturday) Indira Ekadashi
    01 October (Sunday) Papankusha Ekadashi
    15 October (Sunday) Rama Ekadashi
    31 October (Tuesday) Devutthana Ekadashi
    14 Nov (Tuesday) Utpanna Ekadashi
    30 Nov (Thursday) Mokshada Ekadashi
    13 Dec (Wednesday) Saphala Ekadashi
    29 Dec (Friday) Pausha Putrada Ekadashi

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  2. This is a timely reminder Mahesh.
    We understand the pressure you and Sai take in maintaining this blog.
    So its every one’s responsibility to put in their efforts also.
    I assure you of my co-operation.


  3. Mr. Mahesh & Sai

    Very fair expectations. Search bar facility is fine,

    Pt 8, for Anusham Jayanthi, Ekadasi, Pradosham dates, it can be posted at one go for the calendar year & search facility to be used by the blog readers

    Pt decision on posting an article is correct

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

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