Don’t Stop Puja!

Many Jaya Jaya Sankara to Shri Karthik for the share. Rama Rama

Don’t Stop Puja!

There was a devotee who came to have the darshan of Sri Periyava in Sri Madam. He had come outside for a different purpose but also visited Sri Madam and was standing in the queue for darshan.

Once his turn came he did a Namaskaram to Sri Periyava. It seems he did it all this for the sake of doing it. Sri Periyava looked at him and said, “It looks like you have stopped scolding Swami. Did you think there is no use scolding him as well? That is the reason you have stopped the Puja that you have been doing daily?

The person was shocked and surprised. He thought, ‘We did not say anything, but he is talking as if he has looked everything from close quarters’.

He responded emotionally, ‘Periyava! Running the family has become very tough. I did not get a proper job as well. I understood there is no use of praying to Bhagawan. Why does he do this to me when he (Swami) gives all others before they even ask what they need? That is the reason I stopped everything’. He said with tears in his eyes.

Sri Periyava looked at him with compassion and said, “Let me ask you one thing. Think correctly and tell. In a hospital how patients come every day. Some come with headache, some with fever, etc. When these people are there an emergency case like snake bit will come. During those times what will the doctors do?”

Whoever needs the attention, in dire straits, and priority they attend to them. That does not mean doctors ignore patients who have fever, headache, etc. If they are attended later that will be fine and nothing bad will happen to them.

When the doctors who attend the normal patients can see when and how to help patients based on their situation, the person (Bhagawan) who cures us of Samsara does not know whose problem he should attend and resolve?

If Swami is late in showering his grace to you, it means that he has run to attend someone who is more desperate. Once that is over, he is going to come and grace you. Don’t you realize stopping the puja, bad mouthing the lord, stopping puja’s and talking atheism is wrong?

As Sri Periyava was talking, the person started shedding tears. Those tears surely must have cleaned his bad thoughts and purified his mind.

Having cleared his dirty mind, the Person did a namaskaram to Sri Periyava with full faith.

Sri Periyava not only taught a lesson for him but to all of us.

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  1. Amazing ..sattai adi for people like me

  2. HIS teaching must be included in school text books to instill in youngsters mind to face the challenges at the tender age.

  3. Very true.
    But often we do not see it. Sometimes we need an eye-opener.

    Bhagawan: “ Most of the time He sends other people to help us.

    Following are thoughts from Maha Periiyavaa..


    ! Om Namaha Shivaya !

  4. Maha Peryiavaa opened our eyes through this. We are ignorant and think our logical mind has answers but only if we understand that there is a supreme mind acting upon us and it knows what and when we need and all that is to be done by us is whatever duties that we can perform on a daily basis with due diligence is must and rest to be left to almighty
    Maha Peryiavaa Saranam

  5. “Sri Periyava not only taught a lesson for him but to all of us.” – Of course HE did, no doubts at all.

    Paahi Paahi Maha Swami.

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