Maha Periyava on Goddess Karpagambal, Mylapore

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Experiences with Maha Periyava: Maha Periyava on Goddess Karpagambal, Mylapore

In one of her darshan, Maha Periyava enquired about her place of residence at Chennai.

She replied, “I am staying at Mylapore.”

“Do you go to the temple?” He asked.

“Yes, I always have a darshan of Goddess Karpagambal,” she said.

Periyava asked, “What do you pray to her?”

She replied, “I pray for all.”

Periyava said, “I will tell you one thing. Please listen.”

“Because of the Punnya you have done in previous births, you are living in Mylapore. She is Goddess Karpagambal. She is Karpagatharu. She is giving bhikshai. There may be so many janmas. Pray to her that all the births should be in Mylapore and you should have darshan of the lotus feet of Goddess Karpagambal.”

A beggar or even a dog cannot be in hunger at Her (Karpagambal’s) sannidhanam, Periyava further added.

(Experiences of Srimathi Thirupurasundari (Chitra), daughter-in-law of Sri Ki Va Jagannathan, a very eminent Tamil scholar, poet and author)

Compiled by Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava – Kanchi Paramacharya Fb

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  1. Om Kanchi Maha Periyava Charanam

  2. Yes. I had similar feeling for Mylapore Sri Kapaleeswara temple and used to worship praying earnestly for having own house in Mylapore or nearby. Luckily I could settle down at nearby area that’s well connected by MRTS trains viz., Velachery . Incidentally Mahaperiava called it Vedasreni ( Veda Gosham all around) that got corrupted as Velachery in later times. HH also casually remarked that Mahan Srimad Appayya Dhikshithar was residing at Vedasreni and used to go to Marundeeswarar temple at Tiruvanmiyur daily walking. Imagine that. (What sort of deep knowledge of every thing and anything that matters!) Yes as usual HH Mahaperiava is right. His observation on Mylapore and Karpagambal is very relevant even now. Ask any Mylaporean. !

  3. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. Janakiraman Nagapattinam

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