Sri Adi Sankara Sannidhi @Sri Pasupathinath Temple, Kathmandu

Kathmandu Day3 (71 of 73)

It is that time of the year when more of us visit Nepal as part of Kailash Yatra in the next few months – a perfect time to post about this. It also coincides with Sri Sankara Jayanthi.

Last year, before I started the Kailash Yatra, I requested HH Balaperiyava for His blessings. He gave His blessings and asked me to go to Sri Adi Sankara sannidhi/temple in Pasupathinath premise in Kathmandu. He asked me to give my assessment after my visit on the renovation work that needs to be done at that place. I promptly did whatever was asked. After my yatra was over, I went to Kanchi but Periyavas were camping in Andhra and unable to get darshan of HH Balaperiyava. I was lucky enough to get darshan of HH Pudhu Periyava. From there, I had taken Rudraksha mala as a prasadam from Pasupathiswarar to Periyava.

“This is from Pasupathinath temple. Special prasadam to Periyava. Bala Periyava asked me to assess the Aid Sankara temple for renovation etc”

“Do you know I installed Adi Sankara there?” (Smiling)

“Yes, I know. The temple needs quite some work to be done to renovate them. Adi Sankara’s head in the vigraham has been damaged due to earthquake”.

“We don’t need to replace the entire vigraham. We should see the possibilities of fixing the cracks alone”

“Ok…Will pass this feedback to Balaperiyava”

I wrote an detailed letter to HH Balaperiyava about my findings from the visit and also about Periyava’s feedback.

This year, few weeks back, when I got the darshan of Him, I asked about this project. He said that He would get back to me on what needs to be done and when they need to be done. For now He wanted me to write about this place and ask all of our readers/devotees to visit this temple when they go to Pasupathinath temple in Kathmandu. As you can see this place is falling apart – water leaks from the top and so much work to do…..Please stay tuned to hear from me on this project – may be in 2018 – and will need your support to complete this work….

This sannidhi is within the temple premise but right outside the temple. Without crossing this place, one can’t enter the main temple.

While various other vedantic institutions talk all day about Adi Sankara only our Sri Matam have installed and maintaining several shrines for Aid Acharya across the country – so many places. Enjoy this small clip from Kalady where HH Pudhu Periyava  is doing deeparadhanai….


Here are some photos from my trip.

Have a great darshan of Adi Acharya and Lord Pasupathinath and Kailasanathar.

Aum Nama Shivaya!

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  1. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  2. I must have written about it before [as I am not one to lose an opportunity for self-flagellation — it is my choice of word — self-flagellation — for whatever reason].

    Perhaps it was April 2014 or 2015, I visited Pashupathinath. I sang

    “Maasil veenayum, maalai madhiyamum
    veesu tendralum veengala vaenilum
    moosu vandarai poigayai pondradae
    Eesan endai inayadi nizhalae” [Appar padhigam, Thevaram]

    I may be wrong, but still I presume: I must have been the only one to sing this before Pashupathinaathar. Perhaps not even Appar its author!

    Just that thought gives me immense satisfaction. [Frail ego-filled moments in the life of a human who doesn’t know what is in store for him round the corner!]

    However, I must say I missed out on this Temple for our Aadhi Aachaarya within the precincts of Pashupathinath Temple about which Sri Mahesh writes here!

    Well. One cannot have everything that one aspires for here and now. May be next time, if ever, I get a next time in this life.

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