Important – Key 13 Point Upadesams on Sri Adi Sankara Jayanthi & Beyond….

Sage of Kanchi

Adi Sankara
Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara – Apart from doing Puja and Celebrations on our Adi Aacharayal Jayanthi day let us consider doing the following. Hope this is helpful for Sage of Kanchi blog family.

a. Parayanam of Sri Adi Sankara Charitham (short and simple) by Sri HH Pudhu Periyava – 20 minutes. Click HERE

b. Listen to Sri Maha Periyava’s upanyasam on Sri Adi Sankara with English and Tamizh transliteration done by our
translation kainkaryam team. – 10 minutes each. Click HERE

c. Beautiful Sri Sankara Vijayam upanyasam by Nochur Venkataraman Swami – 80 minutes. Click HERE

Below are VERY IMPORTANT  13 POINT UPADESAMS of Sri Maha Periyava from Deivathin Kural (Vol 1, 3, and 5) on what we need to do for Sri Adi Sankara Jayanthi and beyond. Let’s consider following these important upadesams in our lives as much as we can. Thanks to our Sathsang seva member for…

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