Akshaya Trithiya special drawing by Swetha


Swetha is back with her drawing on this special day. Swetha is none other than Smt Vidya Srinivasan’s daughter. Smt Vidya is known for Mahaperiyava satsang in Bay Area, CA and been doing pravachanams on each anusham weekend.

It is a beautiful drawing……Great job Swetha…

Adi Sankara drawing by Shwetha.jpeg

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  1. Kuti Shankaran is very cute and beautiful. Good. Haven’t seen this sort of a drawing from anyone so far. Excellent Nice attempt. You may please try more to improve upon this talent. We would like to see more sketches from you.

    Good .

  2. Great drawing!!! Keep going.

  3. Nice drawing by Swetha on a Friday!! Let Maha Periyava bless her with many more to come!! Thanks for sharing!!

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