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Experiences with Maha Periyava: “Whenever you come to offer bhikshavandanam, have a few Thirumangalyams made and bring it along”.

One of the steadfast devotees of Sri Matam is R.G.Venkatachalam of the Manjapara Brahmana Samuham of the Palakkad District. He held very high offices and is now settled in Chennai. However, he is deeply attached to his native place. He collected donations of more than fifty lakh of rupees and renovated the Sri Guruvayurappan temple at Manjapara. Although he had innumerable experiences of grace with Maha Periyava, he recalls one particular incident repeatedly with deep feeling.

Every year, he would come to receive Periyaval’s darshan, offering bhikshavandanam. In 1988, the road transport had struck work and everyone felt that he would not be able to turn up in time. But he managed to reach Kanchipuram somehow. During darsan, Sri Swamigal asked him, “What is your salary?” The gentleman replied. At once, he was blessed with a command.

“Whenever you come to offer bhikshavandanam, have a few thirumangalyam made and bring it along”.

The gentleman was taken aback. Following the traditions of which sampradaya – the Smarta, the Telugu and there are so many others – must the ornament be made of? Each one had its own particular kind. “What are you thinking of? It does not matter which tradition”.

Venkatachalam was stunned. After all, he was conversing in his mind, with himself. How did Periyava hear it? It was a delightful surprise to be answered thus.

Three years had passed following this incident. Venkatachalam came to Sri Matam on the day of the annual bhikshavandanam offered by him. There was a large crowd. Standing at a distance, Venkatachalam awaited his turn. An elderly sumangali, who seemed to be very poor, was speaking to Periyava pleadingly. There was infinite peace in Sri Swamigal’s expression. Venkatachalam moved in the queue and when his turn came, stood before Periyava. “I have brought the thirumangalyam as Periyava instructed”.

Periyava snapped his fingers and called the elderly lady forward.

Turning to Venkatachalam he said, “Her daughter is to be married. A Thirumangalyam is needed. Here, give it to her yourself”. Venkatachalam was deeply moved.

“Sir, I went through hard times. I found it very difficult to manage things. Even then, I never stopped offering the thirumangalyam. It was Periyava’s command to do so, was it not? How could I give it up? Is there something that Periyava does not know of? My wife passed away a sumangali, without any suffering whatsoever. What more can I ask for?”

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