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Dear Readers,

I talked to Sri Gurukkal yesterday India time and was told that he received enough funds for the water project. However, he isn’t sure about the exact amount – he is going to go to the bank and get exact details and share it with me. Thanks to each and every donor for supporting this project. If others want to contribute more, please do so as they are already working on “ther” for ambal and any excess funds will be used for that. Please note, that as mentioned before, not a penny would be mis-spent. This is Gurukkal’s promise to ambal.

As far as the water project goes, I request the donors to share their address to me (either in the comments section or to my email id mk.netid@gmail.com). This will help me to share it to Sri Gurukkal for him to send ambal prasadam to you all. I hope this should be doable by him…

Sri Gurukkal was overwhelmed with the response and he is extremely happy to see that ambal’s work is progressing. He conveyed his thanks and praying for ambal’s and Mahaperiyava’s anugrahams for all donors.

Here are some photos from the work-site. I may not be in a position to give frequent updates. But will give final update after the project is over.

Let ambal’s blessings be with you all….

Om Sri Matre Namaha!

This photo is called anna-padayal photo…On a specific day in a year, this is done for ambal – I forgot the day….


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  1. All donors –

    Some shared the email address here and some sent tony email….I have given your addresses to Gurukkal for the prasadam to be sent….Pl allow some time for him to do this….

  2. New Delhi 110022 not 110023

  3. With blessing of Ambal, Rs 10001 was transferred for this purpose. My address is
    268 Sector 4,
    RK Puram,
    New Delhi 110023
    Phone 9212034856

  4. I am N. Balasubramanian from Hyderabad. I have transferred Rs.10000/- to Sri Raja’s account. My address is 19-67/C, Kalyanpuri, Uppal, Hyderabad- 500039.

  5. Me and my hushand have known the Gurukkal for the past 5 years. Whenever we visit Thirumeeyachur , he helps us with everything, be it special pooja or stay or food or transport etc. Thrisathi pooja that he performs and the preceding Sankalpam are so awesome, I can’t find words to describe. During our times of distress, he is just a phone call away, does Archana and promptly sends Kumkum prasadam. Ever since I visited Thirumeeyachur for the first time, I feel the Goddess Lalithambal is with our family and I feel totally blessed.

  6. Dear Mahesh

    I have transferred Rs 1001/ – to Raja’s account. My address N.Kalyanaraman, 70 SHIG-B-5, Arkavati Building, Phase 4, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore – 560064. My contact No 9972426843/9840426843.
    With thanks.

  7. இது அன்னப்பாவாடை..வருஷத்தில் மூன்று முறை..இதுபோல் சாதம் வடித்து கொட்டி அதனை ஒரு குளம் போல் வடிவமைத்து..நடுவில் டின் டின்னாக நெய்யை ஊற்றி ஒரு குளம் போல் அமைப்பர் …கருவறை விளக்குகள் மட்டுமே எரியும். தளும்பி நிற்கும் அந்த நெய் குளத்தில் அம்பாளின் உருவம் அப்படியே தெரியும்,..இதில் அதிசயம் மேலே காற்றாடி ஓடும்..(பக்தர் கூட்டத்திற்காக)..நெய் உறைந்து போகாது…அம்பாள் சர்வ அலங்காரத்தோடு அற்புதமாக நெய் குளத்தில் பிரதிபலிப்பாள். நானும் என் மனைவியும் தரிசித்து உள்ளோம்..மகா பெரியவா அனுகிரஹத்தால்.

  8. I transferred INR10,000/- and provided transfer & my address details to Raja Gurukhal.

  9. On the vijayadasami day every year. Blessed to be there last year

  10. On the vijayadasami day every year. Blessed to be there last year

  11. I have transferred Rs.5, 0000/-from indus Ind Bank, valasara branch to Thirumiyachoor A/c . today. My address. Lakshmivasudevan, T-4, vishalResidency, New BELR oad, Seenappa Layout, Bangalore-560094.

  12. SHE know how to get her work done by HER Bhaktas. Om Sri Matre Namah

  13. The site does not open during day time

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