Amazing Keenness and Foresight!

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Amazing Keenness and Foresight!

With Namaskarams to His Holy Feet I wish to record a couple of interestings event that took place during the darshan of His Holiness Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal.

I was a neighbour of Pradosham Venkatarama Iyer and because of his association I was drawn towards Maha Periyava and from that moment the joy and happiness my family members and I have received is beyond words.

Regular darshan and interaction between 1978 and 1984 has made me gain knowledge about various religious activities. I am able to chant many verses and also assist my gurukul at Selaiyur in homams. This is all due to the kindness and blessings which I have received from Maha Periyava.

I would like to share those events.

Sri Pradosham Venkatarama Iyer celebrated the Platinum Jubilee Peetarohanam of Maha Periyava in a very religious manner and a procession was arranged with Periyava’s photo in a well decorated chariot. The elephant and horse were sent from Mahalakshmi temple at Adyar by Sri Mukkur Srinivasachari. The procession went round Gangadeeswarar temple in Egmore and returned.

Pradosham Mama gave me the photo album taken during the occasion and asked me to show it to Maha Periyava who was on his Padha Yathra. I had the bhagyam of taking it and showing it to Maha Periyava during my darshan. After going
through all the photos, He returned the album to me and asked me whether the elephant had Namam and I replied to His Holiness that Namam was there. He further asked me whether the horse had Namam. I told him that I did not remember this. He asked me to check the album and reply. To everyone’s surprise the horse too had Namam. This revealed the keenness of His Holiness even while glancing through a photo album.

Everyone is aware that devotees throng to have Periyava’s darshan wherever He stays. One lady devotee from Mumbai was very regular in having His darshan. On one occasion when the lady devotee came to have His darshan His Holiness called her and asked the following questions:

His Holiness: What is the distance of your husband’s office from your house?

Lady devotee: It is about two kilometres.

His Holiness: Do you have a telephone in your house?

Lady devotee: No, but my neighbour has a phone and he will call us in case of any emergency.

His Holiness: Then you should at once go back to Mumbai.

Lady devotee: I have come here with an idea of staying 3 or 4 days to have your darshan.

His Holiness: Now you have had my darshan. So please go back to your place.

With a lot of hesitation the lady devotee returned home.

After a period of six months the lady devotee came once again to have His darshan and His Holiness enquired about the health condition of the lady’s husband.

Actually what happened is this – the husband of the lady devotee had met with an accident in his office and the phone intimation was given to lady’s neighbour. His Holiness had known about this and asked the lady devotee to go back. Now, the lady devotee asked His Holiness that if he knew all these things, He could have stopped the incident! His Holiness gently replied saying that things which were going to happen could not be stopped, but being a devotee of Kamakshi Amman the repercussions would be small, and that consoled her.

Such kind of acts are innumerable and only one instance has been given here.

Narrated by Prof S.Kalyanaraman, Neurosurgeon, Chennai.

Compiled by Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava – Kanchi Paramacharya Fb

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