பொன்னார் மேனியனே புலித்தோலை அரைக்கசைத்து
மின்னார் செஞ்சடைமேல் மிளிர்கொன்றை யணிந்தவனே
மன்னே மாமணியே மழபாடியுள் மாணிக்கமே
அன்னே உன்னையல்லால் இனியாரை நினைக்கேனே.

Thanks to Sri Rajasekhar mama for his samarpanam to Chicago Periyava. He visited our place few months back and we were talking about kreedam for Periyava. He immediately said that I will do this for Him. When he came to my place couple of weeks back to give the kreedam he surprised me with this புலித்தோல். His family is greatly blessed by Mahaperiyava as they were linked to Him and Kanchi Matam for generations. He has given kreedam to adishtanam and upon HH Balaperiyava’s direction, he is working on one more kreedam for another Periyava. BTW – making kreedam is not his profession (!) but he knows someone who could make them 🙂 This kreedam requires some more work to fit Him properly…..I will try to do that soon.

Thanks to Smt Vasumathi Vijay for introducing me to mama.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/IdNewHYUIgvmXSh7YTxklZidZJj6n-J6eFbE8v0mXBPa_BTucRBvuZqEAStZa2uEWfMndzh8Zy-sTZkgXIqv0ANmSKUluM1z7rWNxC2aIzR4-Qr9_oM5H2bako9BF8szm9RQW-OQ25kL-iFBgemcnIEpWlEbGYogGmfxv__n2pZS6AZf8NL3O9IveuSgVZBVEo19f8om2FMSmptlimDfU9FlPDA91J2ncJr5IFv_Ad5hU5C5PRv0UhGJFgv2QFehXzqe6yvdn9ack4fgbG2b2gcUtc_RUY0V35XoHoMNjO4H2VFlthrfiTo1jrogSMLmpwN4FLZx-89e2ZWujY_WK2oRe1ZFIkzeP-La7N8nLRa-UxegOFu9g4oGB1UwpHuIGDP9i3coSrp21maV6bc6At1PVFlJ4jAk7sLu2UmgJvCIfprJA0BFXoUtHPyWVX65xqqkNJcZcZYEQvByl9FmPccCcaNhOz_rjJfW-dsPeaVPcBoKTqpktTdcGq0qisyLvhfaYPF0lX98SvoXeZaDwwHr2zvtwuhttys5uMtOgSQPCsnnLanF2X23sX4_tRmjToOQz0HwTfnkw8YOUntn-DGrproMhgR21solpxvgwhY0JAw7Xu6BmnB_AmOCxW9iJAPCjCdXCgQ0ZavNGC88BlAIG8BjW3wIdgzckDCY6Q=w497-h639-no


    Go to my albums



    and you can see several photos where Periyava is sitting on a Tiger skin with tiger head….I couldn’t find anything with a tiger skin wrapped on him….Here is HH Pudhu Periyava with a similar cloth on His lap


  2. Thank you so much . காண கண் கோடி வேண்டும். Thank you so much,

  3. Just ignore Mr Mahesh, do not reply to this type of mails.

  4. Please stop all this non sense by putting Tiger Skin and Kreedam on Mahaperiyava.. If Mahaperiyava is alive today, he wouldn’t have preferred to wear any of this. Please don’t pollute the image of Mahaperiyava by doing all this.

    • Looks like you haven’t seen many photos of periyava…There are lots of photos of maha periyava with rudra maha kreedam..go to the photo section of the blog. Without proper knowledge sont rush to conclusion..

      HH Pudhu Periyava uses a cloth exactly like this on His lap even today. So I suggest not using statements like “if Maha periyava had been alive today He wouldn’t have liked” …How do you know?

      I see so much of arrogance in your statement…What qualifies you to say all these?? Be humble…

    • You must have surely read about Kannappa Nayanar and how he worshipped Lord Shiva. People do these out of love and Periyava will surely accept their sincere/pure Bhakti offering. Not for us to judge, surely.

    • Why so much of anger.? I don’t understand. You must understand that Mahesh and his team are so dedicated with love and affection towards our Periyava. How can / will they pollute ? Please think before posting your comments Dear Sir

      • You can see the left side photos above. Periyava is non other than Siva – wearing tiger skin in the photo above and there are original photos of periyava wearing kreedams..

  5. Periyava’s idol draped with tiger skin? In real life he would not have permitted this.

    • Dear Sir,

      This is NOT a real tiger skin. As a matter of fact, one can’t get real tiger skin in today’s world – one would be arrested for that – they all fall under endangered species category. This is a cloth printed like tiger skin……


  6. Much Blessed for this Dharshan! Maha Periyava ThiruvadigaLe CharaNam! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Om Nama Shivaaya!

  7. ஸம்போ மஹாதேவா

  8. Just wonderful. Both of you are blessed

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