Urgent support needed to resolve abishekam problem at Thirumeyachur

I had a great opportunity to go to this maha-kshetram during my recent India trip. It was a great darshan I had. This is one of the temples I had been planning for a long time. Thanks to Smt Mahalakshmi Mami who helped me with the darshan. This kshetram is not new to the blog. We posted lots of articles during recent kumbabishekam for this temple. Please read this post for sthala Puranam and the greatness of this kshetram. It seems that Mahaperiyava had said that only who have done poorva janma punyam could get darshan from Lalithamba….

I was welcomed by Sivasri Vedavageesa Gurukkal when I reached the temple. In his mid-30s is very very passionate about serving for Lalithambal. He seems to be working earlier in Chennai and decided to go to village and do kainkaryam. The moment he came to this kshetram, he was completely absorbed in the grace of Lalitha and have decided not to leave this place. He is extremely committed to this temple and wants to dedicate his life for this temple. Also on top of that he has decided all his kids to be given to veda mata and to serve Lalitha – what a great thought!

He narrated two incidents during my conversation –

(1) One day a small girl suddenly came to him and asked, “aren’t you the mama who gives payasam as prasadam? What happened today? There is no payasam?”. Sri Gurukkal was taken aback and immediately ran to his house, asked his family to make prasadam immediately and started giving payasam as neiveidhyam on each Friday (I think) as he thinks that the small girl is none other than Lalitha.

(2) Recently one day he was preparing for amble’s abishekam and started applying oil etc on Her and realized that the water from outside has not arrived. Ambal ended up “waiting” for a long time for the water to get to the temple from somewhere outside for her snanam. Sri Gurukkal was very upset that ambal had to wait for her snanam and decided to put a bore-well to eliminate external dependency for water on a daily basis. Towards that initiative, he has already spent some money but he needs additional funds to complete this project. I urge you all to reach out to him (9444350759) to see how you can support this noble cause. With our contribution, we can be a small part of ensuring that ambal does not have to wait anymore for her snanam.

Acc Name:R.RAJA
Address: 12 south street.

He was kind enough to give me a walkthrough of the sthala puranam of this kshetram. I captured some audio, and some photos wherever allowed. Here are some for your viewing.

If you have not been to this kshetram, please visit. Once you see ambal, you will not feel like leaving this kshetram – she is absolutely majestic, graceful and so beautiful…..

Om Sri Matre Namaha


Goddess Durga here has an uniqueness where she will have a parrot on her left hand. That parrot is none other than Suka Brahma Maharishi. It is believed that one prays to Durga, Sukar carries that message to ambal inside and they will be taken care.


Unique pose of Lord Vishnu praying Parameswaran.

One view of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Parameswaran.


This sculpture is absolutely brilliantly made. Ambal when looked from the left will appear like smiling and seen from the right side will look angry. There is a story behind that too!!


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  1. I need the full address of the temple together with state and pin code ,so that I can mail a cashiers check from the USA.

  2. Thanks Mr Mahesh

    I have transferred Rs 1001/- to R Raja’s account.

    N Kalyanaraman, Bangalore

  3. Any donation request in our mahaperiyava WordPress can be trusted because mahaperiyava will make sure it reaches the right cause we need not worry we just have to do our best

  4. Mr Mahesh,
    I have transferred the money INR9,639.27 through Western Union Money Transfer a while ago, the MTCN Number is 420-809-6707 under the name of R.Raja
    ICICI Bank Limited
    Acc Number: 611101007221
    IFSC Code: ICIC0006111
    This message is just to let you know that I genuinely wanted to help and for the Divine Mother Lalithambika goes all glory. I would really appreciate if you can inform me when the money is received. Radhe Krishna!

  5. Thank you very much,Mahesh, for clearing the air. I will transfer the money as soon as possible. Hopefully one day through the Grace and Blessing of Lalithambika, I wish to visit this beautiful temple. Radhe Krishna !

  6. Thanks for your detailed information. Your info clears everything.

  7. Dear readers,

    I talked to Sri Gurukkal again. This temple comes under two bodies for governance (1) HRC&E (2) Adheenam. In similar to how Sri Matam is consulted for any work for Kamakshi Amman temple, Sri adheenam is consulted in this case. As per Sri Adheenam they are ok with Gurukkal collecting funds and carrying over the work. Also HRC&E seems to be ok with this arrangement as this is done as a public project (ubayam). Gurukkal, as I said, is the most committed person and is keeping a track of each and every penny for accounting and necessary receipts etc and he is going to submit these to both HRC&E and Adheenam at the end of the project. If any amount is left over, it will be used for completing the temple “ther” work. He is planning to send photos, videos to me (!!) to share with all of you..I am not sure if I have the time to meticulously post them 🙂 I will surely do my best…..

    At this point, if anyone is not comfortable in sending amount to Sri Gurukkal then please don’t bother supporting this cause. I have full confidence with Sri Gurukkal and I intend to contribute to this.

    I truly truly appreciate everyone’s feedback, their concerns etc. Each and every point is valid and genuine.

    I have given the bank details in the main post.



  8. Mahesh, wouldn’t it be better to put the money directly into the Temple Bank account itself rather than a personal account?. In India, every temple has its own bank account where they deposit money from their hundi. Can you please provide the temple bank account after speaking to the temple trustees about digging a well for Ambal’s snanam. This way, the trustee will throw some light into the shortage of water or the need for a well or at least they are informed about the project too. In this way, a separate account can be for the expenses of digging a well.
    Thank you.

  9. Thanks very many for the detailed account of the maahatmiyam of the sacred temple.The message will be useful to people who want to visit the temple and know about the maahatmiyam. Those who have not visited the temple should do so at the earliest. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  10. Thanks for the feedback….Sri Gurukkal is very very highly dependable….The bank account # I shared earlier is his personal account #. Even if amount is spent, not a penny will be used for other purpose. Since he has been doing this on his own, he shared that number earlier. I can guarantee that the funds will not be misspent etc. I have asked him to talk to the temple authorities and get back to me with details. Once I have updated information, I will share the details on this same page. Thanks for your support and concern…..

  11. Sridhar1953, what you have written didn’t cross my mind at all, thank you very much for your useful information. In my naivety I sincerely thought that the money is going for a good cause, however..even if it is for good cause..proper authorities have to consulted before anything can be done on temple ground even more so if it is under the Hindu Religious Endowment Board. Thank you for enlightening me. Another question arise, should one help without proper clearance from the said authorities?.

    Radhe Krishna

    • Sir
      My intention is not to stop help for this noble cause.
      I have my own doubts whether such jobs can be done by an individual without proper approvals.
      If the Gurukkals have already discussed this matter with the temple administration, then they can specifically mention that also.
      Normally in all temples maintained by HR&CE the appeal will come from the temple authorities.
      That is why I am little anxious about this whole story.

      • Sridhar,
        Though the cause is noble and all intentions are noble, yet it is in human nature to be fraudulent especially in this Kali Yuga. I have been conned a few times, sending money for a couple of noble causes. Some of it reached its destination, others seem to disappear after the money is received. Yet I still hope to help in whatever manner I can. Hopefully someone will come up with the correct information and clearance from the proper authority so that the good and noble cause can be implemented. There is Tamil saying, ” Aathiley Poothallum..Aalandhu Podhu”. So being cautious isn’t a bad thing, the Divine Mother knows that and truly understands our intentions.

        Radhe Krishna!


      • Very true, there is every risk of misuse of trust of genuine concern of devotees like Sri Mahesh. I do not mean this example but any fund-raising proposal needs to be vetted well

  12. Maheash
    I was also blessed to visit this Kshetram three months back.
    The problem you have narrated could be true.
    Yes. Every temple needs a water source within the temple and if my memory is correct I did see a well inside the temple itself.
    My doubt is this : Is it not the duty of the Gurukkal to keep water ready before starring to apply oil for the deity?
    And for any digging of bore well in the premises of the temple the HRCE must be consulted.
    Has that been done?
    Further, this temple is under the Hindu Religious Endowment Board and they are maintaining the temple beautifully.
    Probably discussing this issue with the temple executive officer first and involving the administration in this project would be more appropriate.
    I am sorry to interrupt in your well-meaning request.
    But in TN temples things are not as ‘rosy’ as we want to believe.
    So it would be prudent to get the full picture and then start helping them out.

  13. Can someone provide the correct bank details for money to be transferred without any hassle?.

    This is the details given…

    SELLALAKSHMI R – A/C # 33071946802 – STATE BANK of India – Peralam BRANCH – IFSC SBI14400

    is it correct?. I tried three times but the money transfer teller told me that the SBI 14400 is error. Can you please provide full details. What does R stands for in Sellalakshmi’s name?. I am trying to send money from overseas, without proper clear details it is very hard to do so. I would like to help in having a clean well dug for Lalithambika’s snanam and take it a privilege to participate in this Divine Kainkaryam.

    Radhe Krishna.


  14. Can we send the money to KGF ?

  15. Could anyone provide the bank details?

    • Pl wait…I am waiting for updated information from Gurukkal…will share once I receive.

      • IFSC CODE given the above is enough and the IFSC code given is for ICICI BANK, Br Name is South street, Peralam.

      • Dear Mahesh Sir, I am Jayaraman from Singapore. It is nice to see the write up and photos of Sri Lalithambigai temple , Thirumeychur. I was also following the discussions on the funding request and keen to make some donation for Thirtham project since it was indicated that the Gurukkal had sufficient funds I did not proceed further.
        Recently I was visiting India and visited this punya kshetram and met the Gurukkal. As mentioned in your write up – a very nice , humble person and very sincere in the efforts. He has led the Thirtham project individually were most work is completed. Gurukkal also indicated that some additional funds are required to complete some more tasks. I am sharing this with you, you may also talk to Gurukkal and share this with any interested people who may wish to make donation for this project. If required , please also touch base with the Gurukkal.
        Really appreciate your support.

  16. Could you know about the Bangalore devotee who was blessed to donate kolusu to Lalithambigai.

  17. Yes, making Deivam wait for water is incorrect, hence my humble idea, is to dig a well with in the premises of the Temple, or if already existing desilting and putting pebbles to maintain clear water with some Lotus flowers(like Lotus pond) would be ideal for Abbishekam purpose iis my thinking on it..Please consult appropriate experts and do the needful…

    Water can also be saved during rainyy season(high level of rain water harvesting at low cost), and electricity costs can be cut as well if we switch to age old food practice (pulley or Tamizh Jagadai) s to maintain clean and good water facitlities, and non polluted water would be available for Abishekam as well.

    And a Flower Garden can also be put near the well, so that good fresh flowers would be available for
    Ambal’s Poojai.

    Chidambaram Ramamoorthi

  18. Thanks Maheshji for sharing this information… It is actually a boon that divine mother is giving an opportunity for us to do her kainkaryam…..When she takes care of us, it is our duty to be with her….
    Ravi Subramaniam, Toronto, Canada

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