Cauvery Pushkaram – Second Varuna Japam Update

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Sankara – Below is the message and pictures from Smt. Mahalakshmi Mami on the Second Varuna Japam on April 15 done for loka kshemam. The next Varuna Japam at Amma Mandapam,Trichy on 7th May 2017 (Sunday). Please try to participate and spread around the word as much as you can. Rama Rama
Namaskarams, Dear All,

With the grace, blessings, and guidance of both both our Periyavas, we are very glad to inform you that the Varuna Jabam, Barjanya Santhi Jabam, Viradaparva reading are all went off very well on 15th April 2017 @ Chakara Padithurai, Kumbakonam. On behalf of Sri Madam, HH Bala Periyava was kind enough to send one person from the matam with prasadam.

Thirupananthal Adheenam also organised one yagam, performed by Sivachariyars with 1008 Nochi sticks.

A small tank was dug in the Cauvery at Chakara Padithurai, Kumbakonam and filled with water. Eight (8) Deekashidars stood in the water and did Varuna jabam for 2 hours.

With the guidence of Swamy Ramananda and sincere efforts of Hyderabad Narayanan, Akila Bharatha Thuraviar Sangam made all arangements for the function.

Our Kanchi Sri Sankara matam organised prasadam and lunch for all the Deekshidar’s, Sivachariyar’s, and all others.The function was a grand success. Thiyagappa Deekshidar of Chidambaram was incharge for all Vedik related homam and yagams.

Our next Varuna Jabam, Berjanya Shanthi Jabam etc. is planned at Amma Mandapam,Trichy on 7th May 2017 (Sunday).

According to yesterday’s Tamizh news there is a depression formed in the sea and we are likely to get rain soon. Our prayers will be answered by Varuna Bhagawan.

For more picture of this function click on the link below: 1ykmBoFq9u14KmTN6

For ancient temple renovations please see the website:

Rama Rama

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  1. Mahaperiyava alone can bring in rain to the drought hit TN. Mahaperiyava should shower his blessings on India. Hara Hara Sankara! Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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