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Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Our sathsang seva volunteer and blog devotee Smt. Sunitha Madhavan shares one of her great experiences with Maha Periyava. Below is her note to me be followed by her experiences in both Tamizh and English (translated by her). We have the bhagyam of seeing the Bhavani picture that Maha Periyava gave to her  as well as Sri Rama Pattabisheka picture that was given by Maha Periyava to her mother, which was eventually given to Smt. Sunitha by her mother.

Also, as Sri Rama Navami Special I’m also including the a few pictures of Valmiki Ramayanam in Perisian script that she sent over to me. (at the very end of the post).

It was my  good fortune that Sri Ganesa Sharma visited my residence. He saw the Rama Pattabhishekam picture, heard my experience. It was a great surprise when it came in  the Rama Navami issue of Kamakoti magazine in March 2010.

This article is one among a series of episodes  authored by S.Ganesa Sharma that appeared in “Kamakoti”, the Tamil  monthly devotional magazine between 2009- 2010. They were later published in book form by Giri Traders, Mylapore in
March 2014.

Title: Alagila  vilaiyattudaiyavan ( The Lord’s innumerable leelas)

Experience of Smt. Sunitha Madhavan with Maha Periyava

The Innumerable plays of the Lord (Tamizh)

The Innumerable plays of the Lord (English)

There was a time when a gold sovereign sold for Rs.55. Mahaperiva encouraged youngsters who wrote Sri Rama Jayam 5,000 times by giving a tiny gold coin in blessing. He showered such munificence for us to attain spiritual progress. Has anyone done this before? Will it ever be possible ? The young girl Sunitha aspiring to get one such gold coin started writing Rama Nama.

Mahaperiyavar visited West Mambalam Sankara Matam. When her mother took her for darshan, Sunitha reverentially placed the Nama books in His presence and eagerly waited to receive the gold coin. But the The Mahan gave a broad benign smile and a picture of Bhavani with lot of kumkum on it.The gold coin? Will it ever equal His compassionate, beautiful smile?! Could this little girl understand it’s value? Disappointment overwhelmed her. As time fleeted, she was able to realize the reason behind the incident. It all happened because instead of seeking His benediction, craving for a material object was the conspicuous mistake committed. For this impurity of thought to get obliterated, she decided to say Rama Japa. When one lakh Japa was over she would start again. Thus several lakhs of Rama Nama went by as Japam.
Did not the compassionate Mahaperiva give Bhavani picture? Marriage took place. Her husband’s name was “Sri Rama Sharma”! Two daughters were born. Years rolled by.

One Sunday, at dusk after lighting the lamp, Rama Nama chanting continued.Exactly the count reached 25,000. The sound of a car entering the portico of the house and the doors opening were heard. She saw her mother coming up, hugging a big framed picture and going straight to the Puja room. Sunitha was stunned on seeing the picture when placed upon  a wooden plank. It was a wonderful, unique Rama Pattabhishekam picture!

Her mother explained, “Nowadays for those who write 25,000 Rama Nama, Maha Periyava blesses them with this beautiful picture designed specifically for the purpose. Your brother and I wrote, got two of these divine pictures. I am presenting mine to you!”

Can there be any limit to the infinite compassion of Maha Periyavar?! One day earlier if the picture arrived Rama Japa count would not have reached 25,000. Why, even if it had come a few minutes earlier also, the count would have been less. Had it come a few minutes later, the count would have exceeded 25,000.Oh! What an Anugraham?!

When Rama Nama was written with expectation, the result was disappointment. When without any expectations Rama  Japa was chanted, delightful surprise awaited!

Is this not what Bhagawan says in Gita? When there  was worship without expectation of results, did He not come Himself to the devotee?


Pictures given by Maha Periyava to Smt. Sunitha and her mother


Valmiki Ramanayam – Entire Valmiki Ramayanam in Persian language. Here are a few pictures of the same with Persisan script in the following order.

1. Thadaki Vadham – Akbar (contemporary of Tulasidas) ordered the Persian translation of the entire Valmiki
Ramayanam with illustrations. Here is Thataki Vadham with Persian script.

2. Hanuman lifting Sanjeevi Parvatham.

3. Akbar issued gold mohurs with Rama Sita engraved . They were known as RamaSiya coins.

The  micro film of the Persian version of Ramayanam is at the Freer Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, DC. The Gallery is under renovation and will open for public in Oct. 17.

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