Sankarapuram Maharaja!

Just finished my Trichy-Tanjore-Mayavaram rounds. Had great darshans.. Went to Bangaru Kamakshi Amman, Lalithamba at Tirumeyachur (a separate posting is coming for that!), Mayuranadhar, Tiruvengadu, Sankarapuram and finally at Chidambaram. Overall, felt blessed to be there in all these great kshetrams – particularly at Mayuranadhar kovil & Chidambaram to see swami abishekam and able to chant Sri Rudram. So many to cover and so little time. I have been planning to go to Tiruvengadu for the past several years and only now I was blessed. Great kshetram…For parents who are trying to get their children married – according to sthala Puranam, if one offers milk for 8 weeks to Durga, she blesses them with kalyana praapthi….In the past several months, I have been hearing struggle in the marriage process for their children. Thought this info may be of some help.

Vakkil anna (Sri Venkatasubramanian) has been running a veda Patasala and a periyava temple in Tiruvengadu. It is an amazing place – so divine – Mahaperiyava is sitting like a maharaja….This place is lot similar to Sri Simpson Vaitha mama’s sthoobi in Kanchipuram. My dream is to built one such place in Chicago for Mahaperiyava. I was joking with vakkil Anna that I will lift and shift this place to Chicago!!!

Next day, I visited Kathiramangalam to see the chaturveda village dedicated for Mahaperiyava. This is a project driven by Mahaperiyava and vakkil Anna is being used as an instrument to execute this. The scale and magnitude of what he is doing there is beyond words. While there may be another detailed post in the future, for now, I will say this – this place is going to be the first of the kind and unique vedic village in Tamilnadu or even in India amidst all technology advancements etc. A village that houses 108 vaideekas/agnihotris to simply stay and do yegnam for loks kshemams under the blessings of Mahaperiyava. What vakkil Anna is doing there is beyond human comprehension. He talks only about Periyava – it is not an exaggeration – always thinking about veda rakshanam and kainkaryams.  For those who do not know him, please watch his interview here..

I am sure several of you would have heard about recent ratha yatra of Mahaperiyava vigraham from Kanchipuram to Kathiramangalam – I made few posts as well in the past. Finally that Periyava (made of Turkey marble weighing 2 tonnes) has reached the final destination of Sankarapuram. A temple is being constructed and basic works have started. Anna, as usual, was very kind in having me there and spent time with me amidst several work. I prayed to Sankarapuram Mahaperiyava to bless this project and help complete this without much difficulty.

When I left Sankarapuram, it was very late to go to Chidambaram for darshan and was really worried if I would reach there on-time. I made a petition to Periyava to bless me with Nataraja darshan and He gave me a fantastic darshan.

Here are some pictures from Kathiramangalam….

Our namaskaram to Sankarapuram Mahaperiyava and veda maata….

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Sir, where is this 2 tonne statue of Maha Periyava? is this same as Maha periyava seated as Maharaja in Thiruvengadu ?

  2. excellent.sri maha periava charanam

  3. Namaskaram,
    May I know if we can do some kainkaryam for this Periyava’s project. Please let us know whom to contact.
    Koti Namaskaram

  4. contact details of sri vakkil anna pls,,thanks ,,

  5. Namaskaram Mahesh!! I’m waiting for your post on Thirumeeyachur Lalithambikai!!! Mahaperiyava Charanam!!!

  6. Mahesh Ji – I am wondering and even feeling jealous that you are able to have darshan of many sthalams during your trip to India. Normally when we plan a vacation to India, we are fully occupied with loukeeka vishayam.

    Maha Periyava saranam.

  7. Terrific! Sri Mahesh thank you.

  8. Great soul, well prsented, can we make small contribution sir

  9. What a wonderful blessings!! Maha Periyava Padham Charanam!!

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