Tiruvidaimarudhur Mahalingam by Silpi

Found this online somewhere….sharing this with you all…I am sure you would have seen this before….

Om Name Shivaya!


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  1. Om Nama Sivaya, Om sivaya Namaha Om sivaya Siva. Om Siva Siva. Janakiraman. Nagapattinam

  2. Thank you. Mahesh Sir,

    I want to now exactly what it is . One Sastrigal told me it is pandekalam Shivam Roopam.


  3. Namaskaram,

    I want to share a hand made Shva Roopam made in Coconut Shell a very attractive if any want more details please contact me at kumarra7@gmail.com As unable to share how to post picture.

  4. Silpi drawings are akin to photos. Thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks for sharing this Pic Mahesh:) Thriuvisalur Sri Sridhara Venkatesa Ayyaval merged with this Mahalingam with his sthoola sareeram!!! Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara!!!

  6. This came in the AV Deepavali Malar some years ago when I was young.

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