Four more rare photos of Mahaperiyava

Thanks to R Venkatesan for sharing more of Periyavas photos!!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

1) Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Advaita Sabha, Kumbakonam


2) Golden Jubilee Celebration of Advaita Sabha at Sivasthanam, Kancheepuram


3) HH taking snanam 1978

4) His Holiness Jagatguru at the Agama-Silpa-Bharata-Vidvat-Sadas


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  1. Hara Hara Shankara, jaya jaya Shankara! Shri Gurubhyo Namaha! Maha Periyava’s Blessings will be on all of us!

  2. Sir, My intention of sharing this is… some devotees may feel (even I was feeling) that they have not got holy padhuka from Sri Mahaperiyava. But, the padhuka of paramacharya obtained from Mutt is as significant as those received from Acharya itself with his footprint. I realized it now. There is no other reason for sharing this experience. I am sure there are millions of devotees who are elevated and are at higher(st) level of spirituality.

  3. Dear Shri Arvindji,

    Thanks for your frank admission. You are not alone.

    I was also like you once upon a time before HE appeared like a flash in my dream around 2012, when I was undergoing severe personal problems. Then once more HE ordered me to go to GHOKARNAM. I read Shri Kothanda Rama Sarma’s “SRI MAHA PERIYAVAL- DARSANA ANUBHAVANGAL. I have been performing abhishekam, archanai, neivedyam, deepa aradhanai daily on his Viraha Meni daily after my Sandhya Vandhanam. Evening after one more bath, perform Sandhya vandanam. On Anusha nakshatram, I perform Ashtothra-Archanai. Now, I am experiencing some miracles in my life.

    Daily after daily pooja, I read a few pages of Deivathin Kural. Chanting Bhagwath Nama within myself throughout has become a habit to me. I regularly pray to HIM to prepare me for MOKSHAM after giving me sufficient punishment in this janma itself.

    Openly admitting our sins is also a form absolving ourselves. But then there is no point in exhibiting “HOLIER THAN THOU” with others.


  4. Sri Aravind I would like to talk to you. You are blessed. I wud like to talk to you. Is it possible

  5. Dear Sri Aravind, You are truly a very privileged person.

    I recently read an article in which it was written that Sri Sivan Sar had once said that –

    ‘One can see anyone in their dreams but Mahaperiyavaa.

    Mahaperiyavaa can be seen in ones’ dream only if Mahaperiyavaa wishes Himself to be seen’ !!

    That you have seen Periyavaa in your dreams is very great Anugraham indeed.


    Shri Arvindji! You are blessed.

  7. I have been doing sri mahaperiyava padha puja (finger size – received from Mutt) for about an year. I have made a small rudraksha mala with plastic wire for Nandhi, Shiva Linga and Paramacharyar Padam. This early morning, I had a dream. Still couldn’t conclude whether it is a dream or someone communicated while I was in a conscious state. I heard Sri Mahaperiyava telling me, எனக்கு ஒரு காசு மாலை வாங்கி தாயேன். I am going to immediately change the rudraksha mala to silver and also make one kaasu malai for Mahaperiyava. I feel very blessed that sri Mahaperiyava had acknowledged me (for which I am not fit at all) and am spiritually very excited. Just wanted to share my thoughts with devotees of Sri Mahaperiyava here. Also, I firmly believe, the real reverence we show to his holiness is following whatever he has told us to do (Anushtanam, Aacharam).

    • All our papas are cleansed by having His darshan though such dreams..You’re truly blessed aravind..

      • Sir,
        It’s indeed to destroy my papa karma of previous births. Mahaperiyava has said Bhagvan is not going to get anything if we do Bhakthi. It is us who are going to gain. Everything is his, if he is asking something, it is to help a sinner like me. I was blessed to have darshan of Mahaperiyava two times when his holiness was in his physical form. First time when I was too young about 5 years ago. Without realizing I am doing Namaskaram to Parameswara, I did and came. The following is a confession to let others know what a sinner I was (guru/aacharya aparatham). Second time at the Mutt, during his holiness’ last few months, there was a huge crowd, while Acharya was in his wooden reclining chair. I was standing like a unruly, indiscipline, indecent fellow about 30 feet away, while other devotees were silently chanting siva nama, ummachi, maheshwara, nama shivaya, etc. I was standing and looking at them and giggling, without even having my palms in Namaste posture to pretend I have some respect to Acharya! Can any devotee of the mutt digest this attitude? This was me! After that, few years later, I read Arthamulla Indhu matham, where Kavi Arasar Kannadasan had written about Acharya in his book. Later, I started reading Deivathin Kural, I started regretting. I realized what a low life creature I am. However, it took years for me to come out of many of my bad Karma, develop bit of bhakthi and follow Acharyas teachings in day-to-day life. You are doing a great service to Sanathan Dharma through this blog. As Paramacharya said, Devathas like Agni are senior officials in God’s kingdom. You guys are like officers in Paramcharya’s kingdom in execution of Sanathan Dharma activities in the present days. I’m sure about it! May Acharya’s blessings be always with you.

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