Gold Coin for Rama Nama

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – A nice little reminder for writing Rama Nama. With Sri Rama Navami approaching we should all take a resolution to write Rama Nama and sumbit to our Periayva’s.

Many Jaya Jaya Sanakara to Shri Narayanan for the share.

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Gold coin for Rama Nama

Maha Periyava had announced a plan, with the intention of spreading the divine karma of writing and chanting the holy Rama Nama, among all the people far and wide. According to this plan, He would give a gold coin along with kumkum, to everyone who wrote One Lakh numbers of ‘Sri Rama Jayam’ and submitted it to Him. Many people started writing Rama Nama, for the sole purpose of receiving a gold coin from Maha Periyava. Many devotees, when they came for darshan used to bring the notebooks containing ‘Sri Rama Jayam’, submit to Maha Periyava and receive the gold coin from Him.

In order for this good habit to grow among people more and more, HH made another plan, according to which, those who were unable to write One Lakh Namas, could write at least one eighth of that number that is 12,500 and receive a silver coin from HIM. As He expected, the number of people writing the Rama Nama, grew day by day.

Even during Acharya’s yatra time, the attendants used to take with them a few gold and silver coins, so that, those who came for darshan along with notebooks with Rama Nama written there, could be given the gold or silver coin.

Once during His visit to Chennai, HH was camping in the Sanskrit college and giving darshan.

A little girl, came to Him one day, prostrated and placed a notebook in front of HH and said, “Please give me a silver coin”.

Maha Periyava, gave her a silver coin, asking her “Have you written Rama Nama correctly?” with a laugh.

“Yes” she said, took the silver coin and hurriedly left the place.

This happened in the morning.

In the afternoon, the same little girl was walking here and there in front of Acharyar and was searching for something. As the time passed, her eyes started swelling with tears, and she started crying slowly.

Observing all this, Acharya asked His attendant to call her. She came and stood in front of Him wiping the tears from her eyes.

“My dear child, why are you crying? Have you lost something?” asked Acharya, His voice full of Love.

“Yes, I lost the silver coin which you gave me as prasadam”, replied the girl.

“I will ask you something, you have to tell me the truth without hiding anything; how many times had you written ‘Sri Rama Jayam’ in the notebook, which you brought to me?” asked Acharyal.

“I had written eight thousand and five hundred times.”—–replied the little one.

“Oh, I see! Don’t you know that I give silver coin only to those who write 12,500 times?”

That very moment, she burst out crying aloud, and said amidst cries, “I know Periyava! I lied to you, only to get the silver coin from you; what I did is wrong. Please forgive me!”

Those around them, watching this incident, expected Periyava to call her parents, and ask them to admonish and punish her. But that great Soul! Do you know what HE did?

“This innocent girl has done a small mistake; do not magnify this. Now all of you, including this girl, sit down here and write the remaining 4000, Rama Namas”. All were thrilled on hearing Him say this!

Why were they thrilled? There are two reasons; one they could witness an incident which showed Sri Maha Periyava’s abundant love towards children and His noble attitude of pardoning. Secondly, they all got the opportunity of writing the Rama Nama in front of Him. Everybody sat down and started writing; soon the four thousands were completed, and submitted to Periyava.

He called the girl and told her, “My dear child, you were upset that you lost the silver coin which I gave you. Now I will give you a Gold coin; keep it carefully.” And gave her the Gold coin with His Asheervadham. The girl took it gleefully.

Maha Periyava gave her a silver coin in the morning—this is true; it was lost by the girl; that is also true. But neither the girl who lost it nor anybody else could get that silver coin! How did He know that the actual count in the notebook was less than 12,500 and enact this little drama?

Where did the lost coin go? That would remain a secret which only Periyava knew!

It seems as though Periyava enacted this drama to give a gold coin to this girl, the same way, ‘Sankarar’ enacted a drama in Madurai, in order to give a bag of gold coins to the poet Dharumi!

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