Support needed for Brahmasri Krishnan Sastrigal, CA

Please read and support..

Periyava Karyam

Our sanatana dharma followers in US would have seen Sastrigal mama in various vedic events like Maharudram across US for the past several years. He had attended Chicago maharudram in 2009 and I have seen mama in various other maharudrams as well…It is very unfortunate that he has been diagnosed with kidney failure and hospitalized for treatment. Folks here in US would know  how expensive it is to get treated in US even if you have insurance. I am not sure about mama’s health insurance situation.

I got this email from someone about a fund-raiser to cover mama’s medical expenses. I am posting it here only for North American readers. If you can contribute even a small amount, it would help mama.

Let us pray our acharyas for mama’s speedy recovery.

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  1. Thanks Mahesh for the timely posting. He was our family priest (called fremont priest)for a few years. He is a dedicated, sincere priest. Wish him speedy recovery. All his prayers to Siva will come to save him. My son and I made a humble donation. I will call his wife and talk to her. Thanks.

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