A Certain Person Will Come For That!

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A Certain Person Will Come For That!

In the month of February 1945, Maha Swamigal was camping in Ranippettai. Although it is a place where maximum of people living there were non—Hindus, a lot of people , crossing the Religious barrier, were coming for His Dharsan. In a place called Navalpur, near Ranippettai, some devotees, who decided to build a temple for ‘Devi Karumariamman’, were a worried lot when they realized that the funds required would be in lakhs!

Worried, as they were, they came to Maha Periyava to seek His Blessings.

“We had made an ambitious plan. We may not get sufficient donations. Periava should bless us……”—–they appealed to Him.

After a few moments’ silence, Periava said, ‘ It is for Ambal, is it not? She will take care of it”

‘We have that belief, but we don’t have even 25% money at hand as of now…..” —-they said.

“Make  a construction to a height of 4 feet from the ground.’——Said Periava.

“Then, what to do for other things like Gopuram, Vigrahas, Kumbabishekam etc.?”——-Devotees.

‘A certain person will come for that”——Periava.

The devotees got a Divine secret, but wondered, ‘when will he come? Where to find him?’

Though they were happy to receive Prasadam, they were still a worried lot!

This happened on the 14th of Feb. 1945. Where was ‘that’ person on that day?

World War 2  which started in 1939 was continuing in 1945. Allied forces were fighting the Japanese in Burma( today’s Myanmar) in the river Airavathi. The Japanese were on the eastern bank, and the Allied forces, in the west bank. Allied forces were not familiar with the place and the environement. The Major who was leading the Allied forces sent an SOS to London to send some body who is familiar fighting in the river water. Such a battalion, trained in that type of warfare was in Madagakar. It was immediately sent to Airavathi. They sent the Indian soldiers to the bank and plunged into the water.

The Japanese were furious at this turn of events. Realizing certain defeat, they turned into monsters and killed those in the bank like sparrows. Only one person survived that onslaught.

“Why I alone was saved?”

In May 1945, when Germany surrendered, the war came to a halt!.

The one man who survived in Airavathi fight, Major Narayanaswamy, retired from the army, and settled down in Ranippettai with wife Chandrika.

One evening, when they went for a walk, Devi crossed their path!. They saw the incomplete temple and Devi’s idol in the open. Devi seemed to say to them, “ Look! I saved you from that atrocity of war, but look at me , with the sun and the rain beating down on me! Won’t you put a roof above me?”

The devotees who came to the camp for Dharsan, were flooding the place with their tears of joy!

“This is Military Major Narayanaswamy and that is his wife. They have undertaken to construct the temple and perform the Kumbaabishekam also. Exactly like ‘Saami’ told us a few days ago!

Periava’s ‘Karuna Kadaksham’ fell on the happy couple and sanctified them!

Source—-Mahaperiaval Dharisana Anubavangal—-Vol. 7
Compiler—–T.S.Kothandarama Sarma.
Narrator——-A Devotee.
Publishers——-Vanathi Pathippakam.

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