Sri Periyava & Wood Apple

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விளாம்பழம்.(Wood Apple)

There were six big-sized wood apples; each one was the size of a big rubber ball. When Child Jayanthi saw them she was very pleased.

“What is this Patti ( grandmother ) ?” — She asked.

“Wood Apple (விளாம்பழம்)…”—replied her grand mother.

“Wood Apple? what is the white coating on the outer skin? you are calling it a fruit?” —- the child queried.

“Yes, it is like that. Inside the shell, there will be a soft portion, which is very smooth..”——Patti.

“That means, there will be no சுளை (PULP  ) like an orange ) inside?”


“Patti ! Patti! Pl. give me one fruit. I have never eaten this so far”—–the child asked.

“No! Not this one! I will buy you another one.”—-Patti

“No! I want this one only, and now itself!”—-child.

“My dear Jayanthi! These fruits have been sent by your uncle Muthuswamy from Bangalore to be offered to Maha Periyava. We should offer them to Swamigal only!”–Patti

The child understood and kept quiet. Patti had mentioned to her about Periava very often, and this has created a respect and Bhakthi in her for the “உம்மாச்சித் தாத்தா ” (Umaachi Thaatha)

Muthuswamy was a staunch devotee of Mahaperiava. some of his relatives had come from Delhi , stayed with him and were leaving for Chennai. He went to the market, searched and bought the six fruits and sent them through them, to be offered to Periava. Muthuswamy was eager that Periava should accept and consume at least one teaspoonful! Our duty is to offer, but accepting is His prerogative; if He doesn’t accept, it indicates lack of Bhakthi on our part.

When Jayanthi and her Patti came to Kancheepuram Sri Matam, it was around 11 a.m. The relatives who came from Delhi with Patti, had nothing else to do except keep looking at Periava!

“Muthuswamy has sent these from Bangalore”—-the fruits were offered to Him.

Periava pulled the plate towards Him and gazed at them for some time. He picked one and tapped it lightly on the floor to find out if it has become ripe.

The fleshy inside will separate itself from the shell once it becomes fully ripe; this can be known by shaking the fruit; if ripe, the inside will shake and make a noise. The shell is then broken and the flesh portion is taken out, mixed with jaggery and eaten.

Periava picked a ripe fruit and giving it to one of His attendents, told him, “Take this and give it to the little girl, who is playing under the tree! She likes this fruit, but has not tasted it so far!”

Patti was stunned! How did Periava know what happened yesterday at Saidapet, and what was spoken by Jayanthi?

But, what happened after this thrilled her more!. Periava checked all the remaining pieces, opened them up, took out the fleshy portions, mixed them with the jaggery (which was kept along with the fruits) and consumed the whole lot!

Periava wiped His mouth with water, cleaned His hands and said, ” Today’s biksha is over!”

The devotees, who were enjoying the whole sight wiped their eyes!

Bangalore Muthuswamy! What a lucky person you are! Periava hasn’t given such an anugraha to any one else! For that Saami’, you are a ‘Muthu(pearl). And you are a ‘pithu'( passionately devoted) on Him.

Source——-Maha Periyava Darisana Anubahvangal—-Vol. 7
Author——Sri T.S.Kothandarama Sarma.
Narrator—–Radha Ramamurthy.

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