Mahaperiyava Yatra Special sapthaham by Sri Ganesa Sarma


Venue: sri velleswarar alayam,south mada street,mylapore,chennai-4

All are welcome..

If someone could record these sapthahams, it would be great.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Dear Sri Maheshji.
    Om Namah Shivaya.MahaPeriyava Padam charanam.Praying MahaPeriyava and Amma Kamakshi to give you a long life in hellping the needy to Shower Grace from The Amma Kamakshi and MahaPeriyava.
    With Prayers.

  2. I humbly submit my prayers at the holy feet of Sri Mahaperiyava and Kanchi Kamakshi for relief/speedy recovery to you.

  3. With *psoriasis in both my legs, I cannot travel. [*Psoriasis — the fruit of my past sins. I have tried all forms of medicines. May be it is Sri Mahaaperiyavaa’s Will that I suffer my Karma here and now than carrying it forward. Well].

    I wonder if I can get a copy of Dr Sarma’s discourse(s), especially this one. If need be, I will be happy to defray the costs.

    PS: Because of the same problem [for 5 years now] I was unable to attend Dr Sarma’s programmes in Trichy as well. I am at home — left to me, my better-half, my Gayatri, Twitter, Gmail and Sri Mahaperiyavaa blog! No boasting here. I am just fond of spilling out my thoughts in bytes.

    • I really felt sorry for reading your problem Sriaiyerrs Garu, but as you said, Paapa dissolves only by undergoing the Phala, so is the case of yours. However, realizing the sin and crying for that itself is a Prayaschitta. I believe your Karma ends here and you will soon get relieved from the problem you are facing with grace of Maha Periva, so is my Prarthana to HIM.

      I would love to take up this assignment, unfortunately I am held up with University Exams’ assignment. Trust, some of the goodsouls in this blog would do the same. Don’t worry sir, Periva will take care of this, for us.

    • namaskaram mama…dont worry…I will be in Chennai from 30th and will meet Sarmaji….will get whatever audio possible and find out a way to mail it to you….Don’t worry about the cost etc..As one of the longest readers, one of my supporters and one of my critics as well, I owe you this little service….Will talk to Sarmaji and request someone to record this too….

      • Oh! that’s so nice of you Sri Mahesh. I am obliged. ||Sivaya Nama: Om||

      • Dear Mr.Mahesh,
        A recording would benefit all of us who will be unable to attend this event all days as some of us are far off from mylai, cannot leave early from work. I kindly request you to share the recording in public domain so that all of us Periyava devotees can listen to it and benefit. Thank you.

    • Hi please don’t give up. Hold on to your prayers as usual, please don’t surrender. There is a Great Swamiji in Trichy. Please find time to visit this swamiji and confess all your health issues. In no time all your diseases will disappear.
      He is an avatar from the ages of Ramayana Lord Vasishtar Bhagvan.
      A very low profile Swamiji. If you are lucky to get his blessing s then all your karma will be taken care off.
      If you’re are interested plplease let me know.

      Suresh Wara Chrya

      • ||Sivaya Nama: Om||

        Thank you so much Suresh-ji. I am overwhelmed by your kind words of solace [including that of Sri Balaji, and Sri Mahesh].

        Actually in matters of Faith [I repeat, in matters of Faith alone] I am like one-woman-man Sri Rama. I don’t let my Faith scatter. While I believe in “endaro mahanubhavulu, antariki vandanamu” for my Prayers [and private conversations] I am exclusively devoted to Sri Mahaperiyavaa and through his Blessings>Gayatri. Until the day he chooses to rid me of my evil karma, I am willing to suffer its fruits. I have kind of learnt to live with it. Actually this psoriasis is not the same as I suffered in the initial four years — it used to be real bloody and burning like fire. But now under the treatment of Dr Sri Raman of Gopinath Hospital, Srirangam, I have substantial relief. But then it waxes and wanes. I have to protect my legs from dust which lead to itch etc.

        I respect your kind communication. I am obliged. I do not know how I am going to payback all your kind thoughts.

        ||Sivaya Nama: Om||

      • Sir, I am just sharing my thoughts that occurred to me when I read your posting…. please pray to Mahaperiyava and arrange for Arunam (Surya Namaskara Mantras) parayanam on a Sunday along with a simple puja to Surya Bhagawan. Please do surya namaskaram as much as possible during recitation.

      • Thank you! I shall abide by your suggestion.

  4. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! I request Sri Ganesa Sarmaji to record the Sapthaham in full and share with Devotees! Millions will be benefitted!

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