Two more rare Periyava photos from Thanjavur – 1960s

Thanks to Sri R Venkatesan for sharing these treasures. I am greatly indebted to devotees like Sri Venkatesan and so many others who send all these precious articles, photos for sharing with all of you. Thank you sir!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Source: Pratap Sinha RajeBhosle Face Book post.

1) To commemorate this year’s Thanjavur Vijaya Yatra and Peetarohana Jayanthi, its my immense pleasure to post this Rare photograph from my archives of His Holiness Chandrashekarendra Saraswati, 68th Jagadguru of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetha with my great grandfather His Highness Prince Pratap Simha Raja Bhosle (right) and grandfather Prince HisHighness Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle (left) at Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur in 1960’s
Photo courtesy: Sadar Mahal Palace Archives
2) Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipati Jagatguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Mahaswami with Rajashri Pratapasimha Raja Saheb of Tanjore (seated next to swami ji) (my great grandfather), Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhonsle (young boy standing in left) (my grandfather)and Prince Maloji Rajah Bhonsle (my grandfather’s younger brother).
HH-PRATAP-SINHA-RAJEBHOSLE-2.jpgPhoto Courtesy: Thanjavur Palace



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  1. All of our devotees…! please upload all your belongings such as photos, speeches,rare reocrdings etc in the internet as early as possible in respect of maha periyava… Because time is perecious.. and there are so many Pazhutha mattai Olden leaves in the periyava devotee community with heartfulo of eargerness to see Him again in the any one of the above forms… It is real.. !! Thanking you all..!!

  2. As far as I know there is no place called Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur as mentioned above.

    I think it should be Saraswathi Mahaal Library, Palace grounds, Thanjavur.

  3. From the time of installation of Sri Sankaranandendra Saraswathi swamigal (Later renamed as Sri Vijyendra Saraswathi swamigal) I shown interest on Paramachayal (then Maha Periyaval) visited Kochathanam seen photos. , read books, etc. But even after his siddhi , even after his centeneary now a days I am seeing many many many photos because of internet facility now.(61 years now I am). Ithu oru Maha acharyam.

  4. This 2nd 1930s photograph encouraging me, (as I am searching for some 30s,40s, gramophone records for many years), as “still some rare materials for early years not yet reached public”. Even after many years it will come to public.

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