Hevilambi Calendar 2017-18

Thanks to Sri Kamakshi Seva Samithi for putting together a very nice calendar under the guidance of HH Balaperiyava.

I will be making posting of Jaya Gosham and Cauvery pushkaram separately as they deserve special attention.

Sri Rangarajan narrated his experience with HH Balaperiyava in making this calendar.

Pujya Sri Bala Periyaval: ” Can you make a one-page table indicating Shanmatha days in each month and also Sukhla Panchami day for Adi Sankara, Anusham day for Maha Periyava and Avittam day for Our Periyava?” “Also, the Aradhanai days of all our Parampara Gurus – each month?”

I said, “If Periyava says, it should be possible”.

The attached one-pager was created!  This last page of the Calendar contains Aradhana dates of each Guru in each month. There is a page listing  our Guru lineage in the sequence of the Guru-peetam to refer to (it was there last year too). The shanmatha dates are given monthwise.

On my next trip, Bala Periyaval aked: “Can you add just one more page in the Calendar?” Only one page”.  I said, “Periyava knows how to add a page!”.

He said : “Two things to be added  – 1. Writeup about Cauvery Pushkaram, which will happen in September ;  and 2. Jayaghosha. A set of shlokas,  recited when Sankaracharys embarks on Yatra, arrives at a venue, ascends Simhasana, during temple honours and  Puja & Annadana.”

I said reluctantly, I will try. Then He said, ” Otherwise print this in a separate sheet and distribute alongwith the calendar!”

Now, JAYAGHOSHA is part of the calendar. And a brief writeup on Cauvery Pushkaram as well.

Thank you sir for sharing the experience and this fine calendar for all of us.

To download – Please right-click on the image and save it on your local drive.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!

Hevilambi 2017-18.jpg

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  1. Could someone explain the last column ‘acharya aradana dates’ column. I could not understand it how to read it. Thank you in advance. Regards Arthi

  2. Is it possible to get the printed copy of hevilambi calender 2017-18.

  3. Maheshji,
    I did save the image but it is too small to read and when you zoom in it is pixelated. If at all it is possible can you put another version, if not no worries, i will make do with this not a problem. Thought I can ask
    Periava Pranams

  4. please right click and save the image on your local computer.

  5. An excellent initiative. Pranams to all Gurus.

    One suggestion, The format can be a downloadable.

  6. The 2017-18 calendar can be downloaded please.

    ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

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