Kasi Mahatmiyam


Thanks to Sri Ambi for sharing this audio….

Not sure who is speaking in this audio – he goes in lot of details on the greatness of this kshetram….

Kasi Viswanath Maharaji ki Jai!!!




Categories: Audio Content, Devotee Experiences


8 replies

  1. Audio is not loading. Please help.

  2. Yes. Audio not loading

  3. Audio is not loading

  4. i dont know what to do…it has mp4 extension but only the audio is available. it plays fine on my computer but not on the blog….if i am able to figure out how to fix it, i will do so…

  5. This is the audio speech by brahma shriram0304@gmail.com vaisambhayanar from pondicherry in kasi mahaperiavaa jayanthy

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